Ways to Watch


1. Press the home button
2. Go to streaming channels
3. Go to search streaming channels
4. use the remote to enter stream shift tv
5. On the right hand side click on Stream Shift TV
6. Click on Download Channel
7. Click on Go to channel to watch.


Navigate to the home screen of your Fire TV device.
Press right on your remote until you reach the Apps section.
Press down on your remote control to enter the Apps section, and then use the directional pad to find an app you’re interested in.
With Get selected, press the button in the center of the directional pad.
Wait for the download to complete to launch the app, or return to the Apps section later to use the app at any time.


If you have a Samsung account, click Apps on the menu bar.
This will take you to the My Apps screen that displays all the pre-loaded apps, as well as access to apps in other categories, such as What’s New, Most Popular, Video, Lifestyle, and Entertainment.
If you see an app that’s not in My Apps, but would like to add it, select the icon for that app within one of the categories of the apps (our example is Most Popular). This will take you to that app’s install page, which also provides information on what the app does, as well as some sample screenshots showing how the app works.
Select your desired app, and then select Install.


Launch the App Store app from your Home screen.
Make sure you’re on the Featured tab.
Navigate to an app you want to download.
Click on the app icon.
Click on Get for free (or free with in-app purchase) apps, or the price for paid apps.
Click Buy to confirm.