Muhammad Ali

To the world, Muhammad Ali, the man
referred to the greatest men in the world. He is arguably the best boxer in the
world because of his accomplishments in the ring. His skill and precision in
the trade were unique. This was unmatched by anyone. Muhammad Ali as he came to
be known was born Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. This occurred in Louisville,
Kentucky in 1942. He is renowned for his utterances and the major appearances
he made on the ring in various bouts. Cassius Clay was born into a Catholic
family who really was interested in what he did and in a large sense, this
propelled him to the figure he became. This was true because Ali’s mother,
Odessa Clay taught him about God at a very young age bearing in mind that she
was a Baptist. This made him have the understanding of life together with the
importance of treating everyone equally; this is one of the things that angered
him when he saw Black Americans being mistreated.

Steve Bunce, a boxing journalist,
described Ali as a great person born to a community (white and black) with the
deep-rooted tension between them and disregard for each other. He talks more
about his upbringing and how it determined what he did at an early age even
though he was not into doing them, this he explains with the way he participated
in the Baptist church by singing in the choir. Another very unnatural thing
that is explained in the documentary on Ali is the way which he forced his
brother to throw stones at him into practice. Through this, it really shows how
Ali was passionate about the trade with the aim of improving his boxing skills
by trying hard not to be hit by any of the stones and thereby improving his
moves/reflexes in the process. A very astonishing admission from his brother
Rudy is that in the process of throwing stones at him, however, is that none of
them ever hit the revered champion. This proves his mastery of reflexes and was
well replicated in the ring by the way which he performed. This drive from the
beginning of his childhood showed how he wanted to do this and was ready to
take it to a whole new level by just practicing hard and somewhat dangerously
from when he was young.

At only twelve years of age, it
incidentally happened that he met up with one person that totally changed his
life. This was, Joe Morton. This happened one day when his most prized
possession was stolen, a bicycle. He was so charged up that he was ready to
beat up the person who had done this injustice to him. Enraged, he went to
report the case to the police station and by chance/ luck met Morton in the
station. In order to calm down the young kid, Morton told him that if his real
intentions were to fight with whoever had stolen his bicycle he really needed
to learn the art of boxing. With this agreement being sealed, Morton took Ali
to a local gym whereby he trained him. From this point on is where Muhammad
Ali’s journey in boxing started off. At the gym, he was found to be really
talented in this sport and was so determined to know everything. This
disciplined and hardworking oung boy’ as Morton favorably described him as
he hardest working kid he had ever known and his hard work paid off
handsomely in huge dividends.’ By this Ali can well be described as the ant
which always fights on to gain reserves for itself no matter the season or difficulty.
This is what really impressed his coach.

As Julius Francis describes him in
the documentary; the anger he had that he had lost his bike ended gaining him a
lot as he found solace in what he really loved and went on to keep winning in
all his bouts. From the interaction that he had earlier had with his coach to
be at the station he went on to inform his parents of what he really wanted to
engage himself in the gym.His parents were relieved and happy knowing that
their kid would be engaged in something instead of him running around putting
himself and even the family in danger. With the being able to dissuade him from
engaging in violent activity in order to gain his bike back and giving him an
opportunity to do something else that was great, Ali was happy and even changed
up his mind to the issue and deciding that he could just borrow his friend’s
bicycle at any moment. He focused his time and energy therefore at the gym and
in boxing.

From his endeavors at the gym, Ali
started to engage himself in amateur boxing. This where people in Louisville
started to take note of this kid and his talent. He was such a great fighter at
this stage showing how serious he was in the trade and proving all people where
his adrenaline in life came from, boxing. All through in his amateur career Ali
participated in 108 fights losing only a single bout. This was an incredible
record at such a tender age and with the know-how of how murky this world was,
it showed that he was ready for anything and would do the unthinkable to get
there. This proved how skilled, driven and fast fighter he was. This scale in
boxing, however, marked the start of such an important stage in Ali’s career
because it showed that not only was he disciplined but also focused; he really
knew where he was going and with fire in his belly and ready to conquer the
world, nobody would stop him. He was unstoppable!

With time Ali went ahead to do was to
advance his accomplishments in the ring by winning six Kentucky golden glove
tournaments. This really showed his adeptness and vigor at stopping at nothing
but the best in the world of boxing. The other thing that proved how Ali was
ready to do big things in the world of boxing is through these fetes which
opened up his turf to be able to get various boxing tournaments even in the
world. At this tournaments, Ali was being paid a paltry 4$. This proved that he
was not there for the money or for the fame that came with it. This was his
passion and unwavering spirit that made him go on to such great heights with
very little at the start. As a result of his winnings at the various
tournaments, Ali went ahead to be selected in the team that would represent the
United States of America at the 1960 Olympics in Rome. At this point in Ali’s
life was when the world was ready to recognize him for his skills in the boxing
ring. Many people think of Ali as a man with no frailties especially with what
they came to know his later life. This is well illustrated with him being in a
position of not to fear anything, even the most daring of his opponents.
However, this was not the case with the younger Ali who at the time they were
flying in the plane to participate in the Rome Olympics; he was really scared
of the flight that all through the flight he had knelt down on the aisle of the
plane for prayers.

Although he was very fearful of his
flight to Rome which could have made him not to participate in the Olympics.
Muhammad Ali went ahead and won a gold medal.This is the most remarkable fete that made him relevant to the scene of
boxing. Some of the European media houses were in a frenzy to know who indeed
Cassius Clay Jnr was and why he had such a different way of boxing. This
chapter in his life occurred when Ali was just eighteen years of age, a very
young age that earned him such an important place in the history of boxing.
This proved that anger and passion he had that was brought into the forefront
in the form of boxing gained him a lot of acclaims only six years after he had
lost his bike; the most prized of his possession, the bicycle, that he had lost
gained him a lot of praise.

The other most impressive thing about
Ali is that he proved a lot of people wrong especially the European countries
which initially were the best in this spot were disgraced by an American at such
a young age. He had a winning streak from the Kentucky tournament, the European
championship and then to the Rome Olympic. This made some of the European
boxers seem like tatues’ in front of such a young boy. Upon his biggest win,
the Olympics, Muhammad Ali returned back home a national champion. This gained
him a parade from the American Olympic Association. This was however not the
same to all the communities in the USA as some saw him as nothing but a black
man whom they did not want to be associated with. This really disturbed him as
he did not find a reason as to why some communities especially the whites
thought they were more superior or deserving than the black men.

With the fame that he had on
returning to his country on winning a gold medal being over. At a certain
time.Muhammad Ali and a friend went to
a restaurant that was only meant for the whites in Kentucky and they wanted him
out of the place for they would not serve him. This really dismayed Ali. It is
assumed that this humiliation forced Ali to take the gold medal that he had won
in Rome and threw it in River Ohio. This is because he saw that he really did
not mean anything to others in the country even after he had received a lot of
celebrations upon winning it.

Muhammad Ali then went on to append
his signature on his very first contract with Louisville Sporting Group that
pledged to sustain him in his boxing career. With this contract came a payment
of $100000 to get him into their label. This was such a huge amount of money

This contract brought to forth
another side of Ali; he loved people and majorly his family. From this
paycheck, he went on to buy his mother a pink Cadillac. From this time on Ali
was now supported to go up the ladder of his boxing career. The major achievement
of his contract was that he was able to coax legendary coach Angelo Dundee.
This was the collaboration that would go on to reform the boxing world. This
was after he was dismissed by Sugar Ray Robinson, another great boxing trainer.
This is because of Ali’s other character outside the ring of championing for
people rights and being involved in activism. This to him did not make him a
suitable candidate. However, they later on met and Robinson saw what a huge
potential that Muhammad Ali had. With Dundee by his side, he went on to become
arguably the greatest boxer who has ever lived.

From interacting with another
interesting figure in his boxing journey, Muhammad Ali went to develop another
side of him, an identity that helped him advance his boxing career; this is
rash-talk’. This figure that helped Ali churn out this infectious personality
was Gorgeous George. This brought a new era in boxing characterized with loud
talk, sound bites, showmanship and chest thumping; a very different element of
boxing which was earlier on very reserved and cool. A chance availed itself and
in the year 1963, Ali, traveled to London to fight Henry Cooper at Wembley
Stadium; this fight gave him the much-required exposure. This was a fight
against a more experienced boxer but in the tail end of the fourth round, Ali
had a knock-out from Cooper’s legendary left arm, the Henry’s hammer. However,
with that setback, Ali still went to the ring and hit Cooper a strong blow to
his cheeks that resulted in bleeding. This episode is characterized by what Ali
said; that he hit him so hard that his forefathers in Africa felt the blow.

From this encounter, Ali went home
still undefeated and had the utmost respect for Copper until his last days on
earth. From this fight and many others, his winnings stood at nineteen with no
loses. This startling record thus went on to earn him a chance in the ring with
the much dreaded heavyweight champion, Sonny Liston. He continuously threatened
Liston from his ring and even to his home. This really bothered Liston to the
extent of wondering why a youngster had such courage to confront him. This
overconfidence of this fight from Ali’s camp was brushed away with many as
Sonny Liston thinking it would be an easy fight. Ali went on to coin another
great punchline from his numerous trash talks on radio stations and all over in
relation to the bout that; he may be great that he will fall in eight!’

He was considered an underdog coming
into the race however it went on to become the biggest disappointment to the
fans of boxing. Liston on coming into the fight wanted to come up quick and
finish Ali out at first sight. However, Ali was very calm and recollected
playing around the ring. Liston coming into this bout had done a grand
miscalculation of trying to finish him out. He also forgot how mooth,
elusive, strong and built Ali was.’ Cassius on completion of the fourth round
went to his corner in the ring complaining of his eyes burning him. This was in
Ali’s recount as a consequence of Liston’s gloves having been smeared with some
cream. This really created problems in his eyes, a factor that is was not
accepted in the boxing arena. It was found out to be something that Liston had
been engaging in over his boxing career. Even though a very challenging issue
in terms of the fight. The sweat, tears that resulted from the bout, the oil
that was all over his face was washed away. It was in the sixth round that
Liston went to his corner and sat on his stool never to rise up again. This
happened in Miami Convention Centre and from this bout, other boxers can learn
how to best win a fight from a ully’ fighter. At the end of the bout, Ali
confirmed to the battery of journalists around that he was in this profession
to ake-out names’ and he meant business.

From the early 1960’s Muhammad Ali
was really involved with the greatest American activist, Malcolm X. He was a
Muslim leader who really was in the forefront of agitating human rights. This
partnership between them found a way into the media and rocked headlines. What
Malcolm X was talking about and what he stood against was very similar to what
fellow black people were undergoing and this really happened to for really
alarming Ali. This is because, this was what the ordinary black was undergoing
in the streets from segregation, slavery, and dislike. This made them be
friends and they frequented various social places together. From this
relationship, Ali in 1964 went ahead to join the Muslim fraternity. This was
highly controversial in the media and all circles. This announcement, however,
did not go well with many people including his very own coach Dundee; he saw
this as a danger to his rising popularity. With this, therefore, came the ever
unending monitoring of Ali by the FBI. This is what Dundee had foreseen. As a result
of his conversion to Islam, Ali refused to be referred to as Cassius Clay and
wanted only to be known as Muhammad Ali. He considered it as a slave-name and
from that time on did not want any association with it.

This really posed a huge challenge to
his boxing career because it really pushed people away from him. It would have
resulted in even the withdrawal of Ali’s sponsorship deals. However, Ali did
not really give a damn.In the year
1965, a great thing happened to his career. A rematch was organized between
Muhammad Ali and Sonny Liston. It was in the first round that Ali demolished
Liston with a killer punch famously referred to as the hantom punch.’ This
was a punch straight to the chin. This was one of the most shocking defeats in
the history of American Sports. This bout he won ended making him the world
heavyweight champion.

In the year 1967, Ali was listed in
the US army. However, he failed to get in because of religious factors. This
was regrettably a bad decision because his boxing license was canceled and he
was stripped of all his titles won from his boxing career. All this happened
even before he was charged. This was the period when the USA was involved in
the Vietnam war presenting the very same reasons of his religious position. This
earned him a place in the stand and he was found guilty of defying the US
Selective Service Laws in Houston. This earned him 5 years in prison which took
him a long period of time for the charges to be completely put aside. This is
the worst period in the boxing sports history as it robbed both the supporters
and Muhammad Ali of the best years as he had begun to gain ground.

In the period when Ali was away from
the ring s a result of the revocation of his career license. Ali was involved
with the schools and universities,; talking to the students about the ongoing
Vietnam war. He was really against it and talked frankly about it. There is
also the aspect of peace which he continuously preached in the schools. This
really helped him overcome the emptiness which he encountered upon suspension
from his favorite sport.

In January 1970, several states some
boxing commissions started to rethink on allowing Ali back to the ring. Some
years later this came to pass as Ali’s license was reinstated. After three and
a half years from out of the game, he was back to the ring. Muhammad Ali’s
first fight was organized and took place in the state of Atlanta, the first
state that gave him his license back. He came in to fight the man who had
replaced him when he was suspended from the sport, Jerry Quarry. He was not
full of himself in the bout and really put in his effort that helped him to
win. This made him realize that he still had it in boxing, both in his mind and
his heart.

In the year 1971, Ali went on to
fight Joe Fraizer a man who in his absence had gained ground and had the
capabilities of being the ew Ali’. This was one of the most relished fights
as most of the boxing fans wanted to know who really was the king of the ring.
This bout from its reverberations across the boxing fraternity went on to be
labeled the ight of the Century’. Through his trash talk, Ali referred to
Fraizer as a man set out by the white people and him standing up for the blacks
to make them remain relevant in the boxing scene. This really upset Fraizer and
as expected turned out to be a vicious fight.

Throughout the fight, both
contestants were really involved with the bout, Even though Ali was still good,
the three years that he had been away from the ring really took a toll on his
composure but he still pulled through with the swift moves. Throughout the
fight was entertaining and in the fifteenth round, Fraizer threw the strongest
punch towards Ali that left him going down. He stood up to the shock of his
opponent, Fraizer. Although he went on to fight. For the first time, Ali lost a
fight.This really created enmity
between this rivals. This was one of the ugliest defeats in his career but he
still wadded through the murky waters of his career. He went on to beat all his
challengers at the ring.

This really made him keep focus,
especially on the game because of the loss to Fraizer. He went all challenge
all contenders around the world to prove that at the time he lost to Fraizer he
was still the greatest but not in his best form.Don King, the famous boxing promoter in 1974
arranged a fight between Ali and George Foreman. It was to take place in Zaire
and came to be known as he Rumble in the Jungle’.This is one of the most iconic fights in the
world. People had already dismissed Ali of having any chance against the world
heavyweight champion, Foreman, this is because all those who had beaten Ali had
passed through Foreman’s knuckles and he had taken them out with lightning
precision. This bout was always impending up from the time when Foreman had
finished Fraizer classically. Ali was very witty entering into this bout, he
won the crowd to himself by continuously psyching the up and with this was
Foreman not only going into this bout with Ali but with the whole of Zaire.
This was a vicious fight and Dundee played a psychological game against Foreman
by advising Ali to hung on the ropes most of the time he was up against
Foreman’s blows. This gave him an advantage against a much ferocious challenger
who was only equal to Sonny Liston.This he continued doing by playing around
Big George and ensuring that he was eventually wasted from the charges of the

With no much energy left in Foreman
and Dundee’s strategy having worked out. Ali was laying in wait to deliver the
killer punch. Foreman was so exhausted the on delivering the killer punch he
fell down. Ali was once again a world heavyweight champion at the age of 32.
This stage carved out his greatest comeback.

On winning back his title about was
arranged between Ali and Fraizer. A bout against two world champions. This
fight was dubbed the Thriller in Manila’. This took place in 1975. This
occurred under very high temperature; this is over 100 degrees Celsius. This
affected both the fighters but the fight took place. With continued fighting,
both the players continued to maim each other. Delivering killer punch on
killer punches. This made them weary but the fight still progressed. However,
in the last round, Fraizer, complained that he really wanted to fight but he
was giving up, This was as a result of two lacerations onto Fraizer’s eyes that
made his vision blurred. With him into a corner, he literally gave up and his
handler pulled him down. With him giving up, Ali told him that whatever he did
on that particular day would not be forgotten by all. That is how the match
ended and Ali was again declared the winner and thus retained his title.

This gained him the name that has
always been reserved to him, the greatest fighter that had ever lived.

On regaining his title back, Ali lost
it once again in 1978 to Leon Spinks. He, however, went on to win it back from
him in about seven months on.This was the third time he regained his title.
This according to pundits, however, was not the Ali they knew since he was
really wasted after the Manilla fight. They even touted all the fights he had
won after winning from Fraizer a onus’ in his career. This was one trying
moment in his career as people started to wish him away from the ring due to
loss of his initial skills in the boxing arena.

After the Manila bout, Ali’s doctor
(Ferdie Pacheco) went on to resign because from the examinations he conducted
on Ali really showed his wasting body. In 1980 Ali, lost his title to Holmes
later lost to Trevor Brebrick. From this, he went on to retirement.

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over time broadcasting companies started specializing and their channels
offered one specific thing. There are now channels that specialize in sports,
documentaries, news, celebrities, movies/shows and religion.

However, today a new shift is
starting to take place as traditional television broadcasting is being phased
out by internet TV. The internet gives you the freedom to choose what you want
to watch at any given time. Most internet based TV services are structured in a
manner that the viewer has control over what he/she wants to watch. Internet TV
solves all the problems associated with our busy schedules, for example if you
are stuck in traffic, just use you mobile device and catch up on a few
Blokesworld episodes or watch your favourite sports show. Beyond just watching,
the internet never orgets’ you can always find the shows that you missed.
Long ago if you missed an episode that was it, there was no way to find the
episodes again.

If you are interested in what is
happening around the world regarding the geopolitical situation, fashion,
movies and sports then look no further, Stream TV Shift will sort you out. The
services allows you to stay informed and on top. Catch your favourite TV shows
including Blokesworld and keep yourself always entertained.

Stream Shift TV offers you high
quality shows, putting it at par with other similar services such as Roku.
However, Stream TV Shift has an upper hand because all content on the show is
free. The company has a laid an awesome base for ensuring that you always get
what you want whenever you want it. It allows you to plan your schedule the way
you want so that you can catch all you favourite shows in time. This is a
cheaper option and certainly the best for all your daily entertainment.

Stream TV Shift works in a simple
way and it is easy to use. All you need to do is access the website through
your computer and search for the show you want to watch and get going. There
are no complex procedures and steps that require you to key in your details.
The streaming platform is set up in a way that it is makes it use friendly,
everything well laid out in its place.

Stream TV shift is free and
easily accessible and it is truly remarkable. You will have the opportunity of
a life time to access and enjoy premium content. The greatest advantage is that
you do not have to keep waiting for your favourite show, just plan out you
schedule and watch your shows and episodes when you choose and want. You also
do not have to spend money and waste more time to record your favourite shows,
they are always there and you can repeat them any time.

Although Stream TV shift is not a
pioneering company, the simplicity and efficiency keeps attracting more and
more user every day. This improves the company’s overall rating and positive
feedback. The fact that you do not pay anything sets this service apart from
the rest. It is cost effective and therefore you will be able to divert your
finances to other important and more pressing issues.

Beyond just the live streaming
option on Stream TV Shift, you can access Blokesworld on YouTube. The YouTube
channel has all sorts of clips and even full episodes. This gives you a wide
range of options to choose from. The best thing about this is that YouTube is
free on Roku. Currently, all of the recent episodes are already uploaded on
YouTube. The fact that he cast utilizes social media to keep in touch with fans
is great, you always know when new episodes are out. You can also watch older
episodes through this option.

Simple instructions to use Stream TV Shift

Stream TV Shift is designed to
simplify how you access your entertainment. It makes your life a little bit
more bearable. Whether you want to stream on our mobile device of a 40 inch
smart TV, Stream TV Shift will get you through.

There is a wide range of TV shows
and movies on the platform which are always at your disposal. Stream TV shifted
will definitely meet and satisfy all of your preferences. After accessing the
website, you will realize how easy and direct it is to use the service. In case
you do not own a smart TV, you ca use your computer and connect it through a
HDMI cable to enjoy what the site has to offer. Explore the expansive catalogue
of movies, shows, and sports.

You will be able to access
content from large broadcasting houses such as HBO, HULU, Starz and SHOWTIME.
You will realize how much you are spoilt for choice. The service also offers
live streaming for all types of sports that suit your preference.

For the most unforgettable
experience, following the following steps:

span style=”font-variant-numeric: normal; font-variant-east-asian: normal; font-stretch: normal; font-size: 7pt; line-height: normal; font-family: “Times New Roman”;”> Key
in the URL. Make sure you are connected to the internet

span style=”font-variant-numeric: normal; font-variant-east-asian: normal; font-stretch: normal; font-size: 7pt; line-height: normal; font-family: “Times New Roman”;”> Search
for your favourite show and start watching.

Overall, this service is easy to
set up and use, a four year old can do it in minutes with absolutely no

One of the best features offered
on Stream TV Live is the fact that you can be able to set the video resolution
to HD. This is similar to YouTube, you will have the option of watching high
definition videos of up to 1080 HD and more. You can also customize and set a
schedule of the shows you want to watch at a particular time. This means you
can set up a watch later tab.

Options on Roku that you should explore

Alternatively access Stream TV Shift on Roku. Where you can
access a wide range of options from Roku. These options include:

span style=”font-variant-numeric: normal; font-variant-east-asian: normal; font-stretch: normal; font-size: 7pt; line-height: normal; font-family: “Times New Roman”;”> Roku Express: this package is priced
at only $29 making it affordable to the people who are new to Roku. This
package gives access to a wide range of content and thousands of channels.

span style=”font-variant-numeric: normal; font-variant-east-asian: normal; font-stretch: normal; font-size: 7pt; line-height: normal; font-family: “Times New Roman”;”> Roku Express +: with this package you
will be able to access different unique content that will certainly suit your
likes and preferences. The best part is that you will be able to stream a vast
amount of content on any type of TV.

span style=”font-variant-numeric: normal; font-variant-east-asian: normal; font-stretch: normal; font-size: 7pt; line-height: normal; font-family: “Times New Roman”;”> Roku
Streaming Stick: use this player both indoor and outdoor. This option gives you
the flexibility to go wherever you want and still enjoy your favourite shows.
It does not matter if you are stuck I traffic, or you are on holiday and
camping. All your shows are always near you, this is an awesome compact option
for individuals who are always on the move. The streaming stick comes together
with a remote control.

span style=”font-variant-numeric: normal; font-variant-east-asian: normal; font-stretch: normal; font-size: 7pt; line-height: normal; font-family: “Times New Roman”;”> Roku
Streaming Stick +: this is the same compact product just packed with more
premium feature. Once you purchase this product you will be able to access HD
and 4K content. The Roku Streaming Stick + utilizes wireless functions, it also
has a good wide range signal. Just like the base option, you can take this
streaming stick with you wherever you go. Have the freedom of accessing what
you love

span style=”font-variant-numeric: normal; font-variant-east-asian: normal; font-stretch: normal; font-size: 7pt; line-height: normal; font-family: “Times New Roman”;”> Roku
Ultra: this is the Best that Roku has to offer. It has the best wireless
connection and this guarantees that you will be able to access high quality
images from any channel you choose. You will also have the opportunity to use a
voice operated remote control. Other feature include lost remote finder and
privacy sensitive head phones. Choose this package for the ultimate viewing

Live TV streaming has truly
transformed the way we live and perceive different things. With new
technological advancements every day, the internet has made the world a smaller
place. Accessing premium television content has never been easier. There are
several other companies competing for space to attract as many customer as
possible on their online platforms. In recent times, most of the major
broadcasting corporations have embraced the internet as a viable broadcasting
option. This is because, the conventional Broadcast of media content is dying
away and the internet is taking over our lives. It influences how we live

Enjoy the full potential of live
TV streaming by buying a few accessories to enhance your standard Roku box.
These accessories include cables, remote controls, headphones and streaming
sticks, all this are designed to make streaming better and more flexible. There
is also a mobile app that allows the user to access Roku through a mobile
device like a tablet or a cell phone. The app enables you to use your cell
phone as a remote control. You can also browse through the channel list and
find your favourite shows on Stream TV Shift and other channels.

Stream TV Shift on its website,
lets you access four main options:

span style=”font-variant-numeric: normal; font-variant-east-asian: normal; font-stretch: normal; font-size: 7pt; line-height: normal; font-family: “Times New Roman”;”> Watch
on demand

span style=”font-variant-numeric: normal; font-variant-east-asian: normal; font-stretch: normal; font-size: 7pt; line-height: normal; font-family: “Times New Roman”;”> Articles

span style=”font-variant-numeric: normal; font-variant-east-asian: normal; font-stretch: normal; font-size: 7pt; line-height: normal; font-family: “Times New Roman”;”> Live

span style=”font-variant-numeric: normal; font-variant-east-asian: normal; font-stretch: normal; font-size: 7pt; line-height: normal; font-family: “Times New Roman”;”> Social
media link to Facebook

Everything you can watch on Stream TV Shift and Roku

The list of all available content
is quite long. You can choose shows from various broadcasting corporations as
indicated earlier in this piece. You can
choose to watch content from 7 mate, YouTube, NBC and Aurora Community
Television Channel on Foxtel. This gives you a wide range of content to choose

Several Channels such as HBO,
Netflix, Showtime, and Hulu have a large collection of movies and content that
is posted on Stream TV Shift. This helps you to keep track of everything you
love watching, even better you will have the opportunity to access vast
libraries of content from previous years. Check out earlier seasons of the
shows you love. Even better, you can have the shows and news tailored for your
specific region. This is means that you will have access to the most relevant
content at any given time. This content can cover a wide range of items from
local sports news to business news while at the same time letting you have
control over the movies and shows you want.

Beyond just offering you an
opportunity to access mature content shows like Blokesworld, your kids are also
catered for. There is a large catalogue of shows suited for kids. Your children
will be able to access their favourite shows at any time keeping them occupied.
This gives you more time to do what you like. Because Stream TV Shift does not
require you to own and open an account, you can watch something different on
your laptop as your kids watch their favourite shows. You will not have those
awkward conflicting moments. This will make everyone have and satisfied.

The searching procedure on Stream
TV Shift is very easy and simple and every member of your family will be able
to cope. Select the menu button on the web page and access a wide range of
options to navigate the sites. The menu or home tab helps you to navigate
through the content.

Stream TV shift is also
accessible via Roku. If you do not want the hustle of finding the official
website, Roku will offer you with a better option that is more compact and user
friendly. By using Roku you can set the Stream TV shift as one of your
favourite channels.

Accessing Stream TV shift on
Roku, gives you an opportunity to explore what Roku has to offer. The channels
on Roku can be subdivided into categories making it easier to find what you
want at any particular moment. There are several free channels on the service
including Stream TV Shift. These channels include YouTube, CBS news and ABC.
All these channels offer content back to back keeping you updated on what is
new. The fee for Roku varies and this depends on the package that is chosen by
the user. The price range from $6 to $15. You can also access new products on
Roku via a trial period.

Choose streaming for the best
viewing deals, compared to conventional TV, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.
You will be able to plan out your schedule and decide what you want to watch.
However, streaming requires you to acquire good internet connection so that you
are able to explore the full potential of live streaming. The access to so many
channels at the same time for a very affordable price makes live streaming a
deal breaker in any situation whatsoever.

The future of TV is quickly
moving and shifting to the internet. A good example the kind of platform
YouTube provides where by large news corporation are able to run live news
coverage 24/7. This kind of innovation makes broadcasting cheaper and easier.
Information is also quickly spread and helps viewers know when new shows are

As new innovations pop up every
now and then, the future on TV will be interesting. All there is to do is to
wait and see what will be the next new innovation that will transform our

How live streaming works

Streaming technology delivers
content to mobile devices through the internet. This content is described as
data and it reaches your computer as images and videos. The videos are also
accompanied with audio signals. Streaming allows the user to immediately access
through the internet and it is relatively easy to use.

During streaming, there are two
types of downloads and they include:

span style=”font-variant-numeric: normal; font-variant-east-asian: normal; font-stretch: normal; font-size: 7pt; line-height: normal; font-family: “Times New Roman”;”>

span style=”font-variant-numeric: normal; font-variant-east-asian: normal; font-stretch: normal; font-size: 7pt; line-height: normal; font-family: “Times New Roman”;”>
Progressive downloads

The progressive downloads are
familiar to most people and they are the traditional forms of downloads that
everyone is familiar with. Before enjoying the services an app has to offer you
must first download it.

Streaming applies a different approach, it is
the fastest way to access internet based content. With streaming all you need
to do is access the website you want, select the content you want and press
play. Streaming saves you from accumulating too much content on your device
that ends up eating away space.

The best thing with streaming is
that it allows you to access content from the internet and at the same time
download it. However, in comparison to downloading, downloaded content stays
stored in your device until you decide to delete it.

Fast internet is a requirement,
however, this is dependent on the kind of media you want to stream. A speed of
2 megabits per second can sufficiently stream a standard video with any delays
and constant buffering. For high resolutions like 4K better internet connection
is necessary for better viewing.

Problems associated with streaming

span style=”font-variant-numeric: normal; font-variant-east-asian: normal; font-stretch: normal; font-size: 7pt; line-height: normal; font-family: “Times New Roman”;”> Streaming
delivers data as you need it and therefore slow internet will affect and
interrupt your streaming. Sometimes internet speeds fluctuate making streaming
difficult and frustrating. Make sure to always have the best internet
connections to suite your streaming needs. This simply means that a bigger band
width is required

span style=”font-variant-numeric: normal; font-variant-east-asian: normal; font-stretch: normal; font-size: 7pt; line-height: normal; font-family: “Times New Roman”;”> A
common streaming error is buffering. The buffering mechanism allows a buffer to
fill with information for the next part of the video you are watching, if the
internet if slow the video keeps on pausing to buffer. This means that the
buffer fails to fill up because of slow internet. To solve this, you can lower
the video resolution and see if it will solve the issue.

span style=”font-variant-numeric: normal; font-variant-east-asian: normal; font-stretch: normal; font-size: 7pt; line-height: normal; font-family: “Times New Roman”;”> The
content on most streaming websites such as Hulu is copyright. This means you
cannot just go ahead and download content from HULU. This is the same case with
Roku, the content is for online use only. However, the piracy protection and
copy right makes sure that the original creator benefits from his/her work.

span style=”font-variant-numeric: normal; font-variant-east-asian: normal; font-stretch: normal; font-size: 7pt; line-height: normal; font-family: “Times New Roman”;”> Producing
good content is also not as easy, it take a lot of effort and commitment. Poor
content creators end up lacking viewers. Also keep in mind producing the
content can cost a lot of money.

Advantages of streaming

span style=”font-variant-numeric: normal; font-variant-east-asian: normal; font-stretch: normal; font-size: 7pt; line-height: normal; font-family: “Times New Roman”;”> Streaming is swift and direct, log in
in to your preferred website select the content you want and watch whenever you
want to. Most streaming sites have simple and well laid out user interface
systems that make them user friendly.

span style=”font-variant-numeric: normal; font-variant-east-asian: normal; font-stretch: normal; font-size: 7pt; line-height: normal; font-family: “Times New Roman”;”> You can access a large catalogue of
data, including videos, movies, TV shows, and music with ease. You do not have
to download anything. Memory in your device is preserved for more important

span style=”font-variant-numeric: normal; font-variant-east-asian: normal; font-stretch: normal; font-size: 7pt; line-height: normal; font-family: “Times New Roman”;”> The data on streaming platforms is
always there for future reference, for example you can still access YouTube
videos as old as ten years. However, some sites may get rid of old irrelevant

span style=”font-variant-numeric: normal; font-variant-east-asian: normal; font-stretch: normal; font-size: 7pt; line-height: normal; font-family: “Times New Roman”;”> Have the opportunity to plan out your
schedules, if you want to watch your favourite show or movies, you have the
control of deciding when and where you will watch. Conventional TV broadcasting
does not offer this kind of option.

span style=”font-variant-numeric: normal; font-variant-east-asian: normal; font-stretch: normal; font-size: 7pt; line-height: normal; font-family: “Times New Roman”;”> Streaming shows and movies is by far
cheaper than cable TV. Internet based broadcasters do not have to purchase
expensive broadcasting equipment. Just a good camera, good editing skill and
internet are enough.

span style=”font-variant-numeric: normal; font-variant-east-asian: normal; font-stretch: normal; font-size: 7pt; line-height: normal; font-family: “Times New Roman”;”> Streaming allows content creators to
access a larger number of people across the world, today the internet is accessible
in almost all parts of the world. Streaming services like YouTube can be
accessed from any part in the world.

span style=”font-variant-numeric: normal; font-variant-east-asian: normal; font-stretch: normal; font-size: 7pt; line-height: normal; font-family: “Times New Roman”;”> Access relevant content when you need
it. Streaming allows you to access whatever you want whenever. The good thing
about streaming is that most sites and streaming platforms specialise in one
thing. It you want news, sports movies, shows, documentaries, talks, religion,
it is all there. You can also find channels that offer everything on one
platter. As discussed earlier in this piece, services such as Roku, allow you
to access relevant content according to region.

Due to this versatile nature of streaming, new pioneering
innovations were born, and as discussed in this article earlier, Roku is one of
this revolutionary services. Roku brings together a large number of streaming
services including big broadcasting corporations. Coupled with fair prices,
Roku is one of the most impressive creations.

Other streaming services that operate on their own online
platforms and on Roku as well include HULU, Amazon Video, and Sling TV. However,
using Roku is better because of the extra options it comes with.

In conclusion, if you are an ardent fan of Blokesworld, this
article has provided you with all the information regarding streaming options
you may not have known about. Probably using cable TV is expensive, time
wasting and restrictive. Embrace new innovations in technology and explore new
options that offer you the best viewing experience. Take control over what you
love watching, never miss an episode. Streaming your most valued TV shows
whenever you want not only gives you
control but also lets you get entertained despite of having a busy a and
restrictive schedule.

World of Warcraft

WOW or World of
Warcraft is one of the most played and highly interactive multiplayer games
which are being played online through role-playing. This addiction was released
in the year 2004 by the innovative mindset of Blizzard Entertainment. World of
Warcraft is the fourth game which had been released in the series of the Warcraft
fantasy universe. After a time period of four years when the Blizzard
Entertainment released Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, WOW was released. On a
very special day i.e. on the 10th anniversary of Warcraft franchise,
there was an announcement made regarding the release of the World of Warcraft.

In the game of
World of Warcraft, the players explore the landscapes; interact with various
other non-players, complete quests and fight with the numerous monsters. There
is a need to pay a subscription fee through the debit or the credit card which
helps in purchasing a token of WOW. There is also a trial account if the
individuals do not pay any subscription fees. With this trial account, players
can reach a maximum to level 20 with a number of locked features.

There are
various servers from which the player is needed to select one that comprises of
normal, PvP, RP and RP-PvP. The World of Warcraft is a game of science fiction,
steampunk and fantasy which is based on alien worlds, spaceships, time travel,
horror monsters, werewolves, zombies, dragons and the gryphons. World of
Warcraft is one of the most mesmerizing games which have developed a huge
addiction for its players. People spend long hours in playing as the game and
its interacting platform fetched the attention of millions of gamers. So, to
manage a control over the long hours of playing, there is also a parental
controlling system which sets out limits on the playing time for the children.
There can be set a fixed weekly or daily limit.

To get the most
in-depth glimpse of World of Warcraft you need have a look on the Stream Shift
TV as it is one of platforms which offer streaming videos and audios. In the
world of television, the digital transformation adopted by Stream Shift TV is
at the top of the list when it comes to media content. Stream Shift TV is one
of the busiest platforms which offers a live 24/7 channel featuring sports,
games and many other activities. Stream Shift TV offers MMO video game World of
Warcraft which has posed an unimaginable impact on the lives of the players.

There are almost
10 million people which have their eyes on the various programs, audios and
videos at Stream Shift TV. People have an addiction of spending long hours on
the TV channel. There has been reviewed a number of gamers, psychologists,
players, game designers, professional baseball players, critics, comedians and
many other people. There was conducted a research for almost 500 hours by the
Stream Shift TV by taking trips across the country. There has been an
increasing and extending online virtual world which has millions of players of
several MOM games. The World of Warcraft is the king of the virtual games as
when the people start the game, they tend to develop a character and name it
which plays at their place in the virtual world. In the survey, people have
admitted that they play WOW for long hours ranging from a period of 5 hours a
day to 12 hours non-stop. Even there are people who play the game for two days
straight and even do not sleep.

an important aspect of these online virtual games and high interaction in the
World of Warcraft was the forming of relations. In order to facilitate and
enable the interactions in the computerized digital world, there is a virtual
identity been created for assuming a particular online presence. In the World
of Warcraft, similarly, the players use several parameters for creating the
virtual avatars or identities through which they tend to present themselves in
front of other players and the gaming world. In addition to the virtual
identities, there are significant aspects such as the naming of a profile,
graphical and textual info pertaining to the players. The players share the
real-life information with other players on the gaming platform regarding their
real life which results in high level of integration among their virtual
presence beyond the characters they are playing. there is a complex process while
creating the character for oneself as there are immense choices available for
the people and thus people can develop an unimaginable identity for themselves
and can self-present themselves to the virtual world.

It is also very
much significant that to have an in-depth understanding of the virtual presence
as there is encountered interactions by the means of virtual spaces and thus
there develop social relations in the everyday lives. It has been highlighted
in the research that there develops unique relationships among the individuals
which help them in cultivating the sense of self and also support in connecting
with other users in a number of ways. With the help of these virtual identities
and connecting with other players, the individuals tend to reconstruct and
redefine themselves in the notion of identity offering the players with a completely
new form of existence. The people have realized they have undergone a complete
transformation when they have developed a social interaction while playing
World of Warcraft.

virtual world of World of Warcraft has a 3D stimulated environment which helps
the players in developing interactions both in the virtual and the real life.
There develops a number of social relationships where people also date someone
and has personal associations. It also offers a platform to collaborate,
interact and deal in leisure and business related activities other than the
personal relations. In the virtual world friendship developed in the World of
Warcraft is defined as a user who invites another player for becoming friends
by the feature of in-world friendship where another player accepts this
invitation. It develops the network of the individuals. There are people who
are suffering from squat social circle or no social life. In that case, it has
been so cherishing to develop a social circle in this virtual world created
through World of Warcraft.

The game
programs a number of quests which can be completed by groups by becoming friends
on the virtual portal of the game. This friendship allows them to easily
communicate and collaborate in real life. The virtual develops in a real
friendship through online communication in the chat rooms. It has also been
realized by many players that such virtual associations have developed their
well-being and decrease the feeling of isolation as they have shared their
emotions and experiences with their virtual partners. Some people have a
relationship of even 5 months or 7 months with their gaming partners in real
life. It seems to be fun, an innovative way and extremely adventuring and
exciting for the people to play the World of Warcraft. People experienced
negativity and difficulty in their lives and have started playing the game
where they realized they can be something and have a more improved life.

You never feel
alone as there are millions of players at a single point of time, this resulted
in a strong social atmosphere where people make friends, globalize, interact
with each other at global platform. World of Warcraft have eradicated the borders
and have given the players to interact on international platforms. In the
world, there are a number of people who are ex number of difficulties due to
their disabilities. Their physical disability disallows them to build a good
social life and perform well. But when those people played the World of
Warcraft have felt much better as this offered them a good company and a better
social atmosphere where they can interact with other players. In the survey, an
interview was done with a girl being socially disconnected due to her accident
and this resulted in discontinue of her studies. The brain injury and the
various side effects of the medications resulted in loss of memory and other disability.
Then she started playing World of Warcraft. The MMO game not helped her out
from depression but also gave her a new social circle where she can make
friends, develop associations and have friends. The people go out with their
characters and develop an entirely different personality for themselves A
number of players found the World of Warcraft as one of the most interesting
phenomenon which gives numerous advantages to them. The people who lack certain
communication skills fail to develop a relationship with the people. The virtual
world helps them out to develop strong relations without any need of strong
communication skills.

The World of
Warcraft has given the online games a huge business and higher revenues. There
was a nine year business plan of the game which possessed high risk. But today
almost 20 million people play World of Warcraft and have become a huge addition
for them to play on regular basis. From the overall market of the MOM games,
World of Warcraft alone holds a total of sixty percent of the market share. The
exact number of people playing or involved in the game is still cannot be
reported because of the huge and unpredictable Asian market. There is a huge
following of approximately twenty to thirty million individuals across the
world. Even there are restaurants, cafes and other places where there is a set
up for playing the game. There is around a business of 40 million dollar of the
game which is exceeding every year by seventeen percent.

The online and
virtual game of World of Warcraft has huge online process which will continue
for years and years. As there is a subscription fee need to be paid by the
players and with a regular monthly fee. The players decide the pay as per their
affordability and the requirements of the game with some or more features. The
best feature of World of Warcraft is that it maintains all the performance of
its players for a longer time frame. It enables the players to join back after
a long break without losing their achievements. There is no loss of money even
when the players come back after months. It is a revolutionary game which
attracts millions of gamers and gives the gaming industry with huge financial
investments and the developers with high revenues. There is approx. a 15 dollar
subscription fees. Thus there is gained millions of dollars from the players as
the subscription and monthly fees. This results in a huge business and
lucrative market growth of virtual online games.

There is no end
to such games as in the World of Warcraft, the players are needed to clear the
various quests and once they complete these quests, there are accomplishments
received by them. The game had attained a huge level of popularity in just a few
years and has engaged m millions of players with it. there are feedbacks taken
from the players and the developers bring several new characters from time to
time which enhances the interest of the players and developed their interest in
the game. It is 3D amuse game which not only fetches the attention of players as
a virtual game but also gives them an immense level of satisfaction while playing
the game. The felt wow once they start playing the game and overwhelmed with
the virtual characters by sitting on the driver seat and surrounded by a
feeling of a car. The technology has raised the bars and offers improved satisfaction
top its players. World of Warcraft had attained steep growth in past few years
as people enjoy playing it over any other thing. Once you start playing the
game, there are new gears. By completing eth quests, then stats gets improved.
It is one of the means for people to remain enthusiastic as they post the
pictures on daily basis on several social media platforms to gain recognition. It
offers the players a feeling of recognition as people and other players notice
you when you clear several levels of the game and get accomplishments.

In the research, there was also interviewed a
basketball player who has his own studio named 38 studios and have worked hard
for launching a MMO. It is being so interesting that people from different fields
are indulging themselves in it. The total timeline for the developers is three
to five years. By having an interaction with the game developers, it is known
that, it is just like a Hollywood movie where there is selection of characters,
a plot am a timeline to develop the complete game. The people cherish the game
as well as the friendship they have gained online. There is also a real life
effect which is there because of the virtual lives. And it is almost impossible
to break out this chain and quit playing. It is similar to a trap which once
indulges you then it is next to impossible to get it out from the same. There
are thousands of people who have its serious addiction and play it like addicts
affecting their real lives. The children who cannot play the video games play
the World of Warcraft as their favorite time consuming activity. The people
used to wear its costumes and play the game as an addiction. There is huge fan
following of the games from different parts of the world.

Among the
various other internet applications and the virtual games, World of Warcraft
have received highest popularity in terms of client base and revenues. The
World of Warcraft has managed itself in building up a substantial client base
as its players over the years with estimations placing the virtual accounts
across the world for approximately more than a billion. At the similar point of
time, there has been anticipated a 100 percent growth in the next few years. Such
continuously increasing revenues, investments and market share have robust
economic potential which is much interesting for the marketers. The game of
World of Warcraft has given new insights to the players’ identities and
characteristics. It also presents several opportunities to the game developers
with fertile grounds for experimenting innovative technologies and tools aiming
towards the increased sales and marketing efforts. There are a number of
various businesses which have gained huge recognition in the virtual world. Stream
Shift TV has developed videos restating the views of the players, gamers,
developers, psychologist and various other people indulged in the World of Warcraft.
It is the game which has transformed the real lives of the people into the
virtual lives. There are developed virtual consumers identity and also virtual
behaviour through the game which is really impossible to break down and come
back to the real lives.

When at many
places the anniversary of World of Warcraft is celebrated with immense celebrations
and happiness, there are places where it is a time for actual reflection. The
virtual online games are great as they are fun, exciting and adventurous which
are made for our enjoyment. But when in the research, it was seen that various
psychologists as well as the researchers still have diverse views in respect
to the addiction done by these virtual games. There is an ongoing debate with
no specific outcome that these video games are vigorous and healthy or threat
to the human lives. It is still a question across the world. The World of
Warcraft possesses high addictive potential and is we structure to fetch the
attention of the individuals. The players invest a huge amount of time in playing
due to the peer pressure of completing several levels as well as for improving
the stats through continuous completion of the quests. It has controlled the real
life of the clients and is impacting them in several ways.

There are
several examples of the people suffering from a number of difficulties as they
have become addicted to the game. There are a number of messed up stories of
real lives of the people where the World of Warcraft impacts children,
teenagers, adults, parents and all other individuals. The things in the real
life started getting weird as people use to live more in their virtual lives
and have separated a much from their responsibilities and the real world. in last
five years, there has been published a number of stories on several media
where it has been described how people are suffering an increased level of exhaustion
by playing the World of Warcraft for endless hours of 50 hours straight. There
are numerous cases which have been identified as the side effect or the
negative impact of the game and its addiction.

Seen from the
reflection perspectives of the game of World of Warcraft, it has said by the
people that it such their lives all the time which means that it had destroyed
the peace of their real lives, as the players tend to lose themselves in the
World of war raft and their own world is shaken up by running away from their real
lives. Seen from the perspectives of children, it has been realized that it has
a direct impact upon the studies of the children as they lose their focus from
the studies and develop their interest in playing the games. It is one of the major
issues identified by the parents whose children are playing the World of War on
daily basis. It has also been seen that the teenagers are the one which is
much impacted by such games and their virtual world. The teens have resulted in
performing crimes of killing their parents when they have been stopped from playing
the games. In the game of World of Warcraft, there are developed feelings of
people killing each other. This results in gaining the inheritance or features
of the characters playing by them in the game. The children and teenager do
harmful acts which is one of the worst reflections of the addiction of such

The next impact
caused in the real lives of the people is that the individuals lost their lot
of time in playing the game for long hours. There is high manipulation of time because
of the time exhausted by playing the game. The people have a number of
responsibilities in their real lives which they are required to fulfil to have
a successful and happy life. But due to getting involved in the virtual world
of World of Warcraft, they get disconnected from all these activities and
responsibilities. The patients develop a distance from their children as they
are not able to provide time to their infants and children due to getting busy
in playing the virtual games. This not only impacts the relationship but also
the growth of the infants. Another major impact of these games realized is that
people developed relationship issues and result into separation as either of
the partner is much involved in the game and has no much time left to give to
the relationship. By playing the virtual games and in the continuous
interactions performed in the World of Warcraft, the people develop social
relationships with other players and their gaming partners. This resulted in
issues in their personal lives as it indicates much involvement with the
virtual partners which many a time turns into the real life relationships.

Another major
negative result of reflection explained by the psychologist and the people suffering
from various addiction issues is that there is complete wastage of time as
people tend to lose their interest in the outer world. They are not aware of
the things happening in their surroundings as they are completely indulged in
the game only. Instead of being updated about the surrounding or current
affairs or the necessary things, they tend to exhaust their time in playing the
World of Warcraft. This time can be used in much better and productive work but
due to the high level of addiction caused by the game there is a loss of time as
well as energy. There are presently 10 million people who are currently
exhausting their precious time in playing the World of Warcraft and losing
their interest in other important tasks. It is also seen that there also
develops greed by paling the game as people once started clearing the quests
and reaching next level, they use to play it again for getting accomplishments
and reaching higher levels. It is just like a never ending competition where
millions of players compete with themselves and the developers kept on adding
levels in the game to attain continuous revenues.

The psychologists
believe that it is necessary for the people to come out from the virtual world
and act in real. The World of Warcraft has developed such a mesmerizing virtual
world which stops the people from getting out and loses their attention in the
game. There is a direct impact of the World of Warcraft on the lives of the
clients as there comes a phase when players started neglecting their real lives
and responsibilities because of getting much involved in their virtual
characters. And this is one of the major reasons behind the continuous
deteriorating lives of the millions of people. There are elements such as fiction
and other attention seeking things which stop the individuals from losing their
interest. There are people who are suffering from various syndromes, people who
have lost their relatives, loved ones and children because of this game. The
children destroying their career and the teenagers destroying their future. The
continuously increasing craze for the World of Warcraft is much seen as a
threat to the peace of lives of the people at some point of time.

Seen from the
overall perspectives, it has been seen that the World of Warcraft is a much interesting
and powerful game which has the power to fetch the attention of millions of
players and give them a platform to interact, communicate, play, experience,
enjoy and live a completely different life. It is not only the adverse impact
but only the addictions which have those reverse reflections. In the research,
it has been analyzed that people enjoy playing the game and have gained much
confidence by creating their identity in this virtual world of millions of
people. It is highly motivating for the people suffering from disabilities,
difficulties in real life, experiencing failures or are suffering from
depression. these games give the human mind a tendency to involve in various
other activities which gives them a feeling of relaxation and reduces their
level of stress, anxiety and tension. The characters in the game and the
accomplishments, the completion of various quests are the achievements which
give high pleasure to the players and they can sense winning. as well as
another most beneficial aspect of the World of Warcraft is its social
atmosphere as here people are interacting with global; regions. This gives a
chance to interact with people with different tastes and personalities. It
offers a social platform to develop virtual friendships and relations with
people. The people can come out from isolation and can create a big social
circle with anonymous friends. So, is true that the World of Warcraft can soon
make a history and win the hearts of billions of people in the coming few years.
While playing the game, it is just needed to understand the thin life
difference between the passion for the game and the addiction to the game. When
the individuals play the game with a passion then they can maintain a good
balance between their real lives and the virtual lives. And if this resulted in
addiction then they can completely ruin their real lives and inner peace. World
of Warcraft is leading the gaming market and has high popularity in both the
terms of the client base and extending global reach. The developers are working
hard to give its clients with more innovative and technologically updated
features so that they can experience more fun, adventure and amusement.

Big Wave Surfing

Monster waves are some of
the best waves to ride but they are very dangerous to ride in because of how
monstrous they are and a simple mistake can have very bad consequences. That is
why big waves need to have experienced surfers riding them. But let us see what
big wave surfing really is.


Surfing is riding the
forward side of a wave to be taken to the shore by means of a surfboard and in
which the surfer is either standing on or lying down on it. The most preferred
option is to stand as it gives the surfer more control on the movement of the
surfboard. The surfer will usually be parallel to the beach as they try to ride
out the wave before it dies out or they fall off as the wave heads to the

The most common form of
surfing is by standing on the board. But there are other forms of surfing that
are commonly done. Other forms of surfing is when the surfer is lying on the
board, is in a drop knee stance, or knee boarding where the surfer is using a
buoyant and is on their knees as the buoyant is being towed by a motor boat. But
there is a type of surfing that is thought of as the purest form of surfing and
it is using the body as the surfboard. This works in the sense that the surfer
will surf without the help of a surfboard but is using the body to ride out a
wave. And as unique and dangerous as it sounds, it is a very common feature
practiced in most of the surfing areas all around the world.

First historical recording
of surfing was in 1769 when James Cook arrived in Tahiti. In 1907 a land Baron
in California vacationed in Hawaii and saw teenage boys surfing and decided to
introduce the activity to California. But it was George Fleeth who revived it
by creating the now commonly used long board that made surfing such a hit in
California. He would show off his skills twice a day to the excited hoteliers
of Hotel Redondo. It wasn’t until 1975 that surfing competitions began and
Margo Oberg was the first female professional surfer to participate in. The
international Surfers Association estimates that there are 20 to 25 million
surfers and the industry itself is worth over $15 million.

There are different forms
of surfing

1. Surf

This is when the surfer is
ride the front part of a moving wave to surf the water. The surfer will pad out
towards a wave using hands and then turn the back towards the wave. The surfer
will then wait for the wave to take over so that the surfer can now stand on
the board and let the wave to take them to the shore. Surf boards vary in size
with beginners using soft boards which are among the big sized boards but offer
more stability. But with experience surfers tend to go with small sized boards
but it is not all that necessary. Surfing can be done at any age as long as the
surfer knows how to swim. It is easy to learn and really fun to try out.

2. Windsurf

Combines both surfing and
sailing and can take place in an ocean, lake or a fjord. The wind surfing gear
is made of a surfboard that has a sail and enables the surfer to use the wind
effectively to propel them. The sail size ranges from 2.5 m2 to 12m2.
Experienced surfers will use small sails and boards especially when there are
strong winds. All ages can learn to wind surf easily but in light winds and in
areas that have shallow waters and have enclosed bays for safety.

3. Kitesurf

This is a sport that
combines different elements of surfing into one, from wakeboarding, surfing, windsurfing
to paragliding. The surfer will use a large controllable kite that is powered
by the wind to surf across the water using a small surfboard. More experienced
kite surfers will tend to opt for stronger winds in order to surf. New kite
surfers have got utilize small weaker winds to be safer. The best place to
learn kite surfing is in small enclosed areas that have shallow waters. Having
previous knowledge of surfing is good though it is not necessary. Kite surfing
will usually take a longer period to learn as compared to other forms of

4. SUP

This means a Stand Up
Paddle. It is an off ramp of surfing and has its origins in Hawaii. The surfer
usually has a large board and a one bladed paddle to be used to paddle out to
see to get to a wave. The surfer has to stand up the whole time. The sense
behind for this is so that the surfer can be able to get to waves that are
harder to reach using hands to wade out to sea to catch a wave. It was named
the fastest growing water sport activity for surfers who love big waves. SUP
can also be enjoyed on calm waters like lakes, fjords or rivers. This then
becomes the perfect water sport for every single person and age.

Understanding how wave
energy forms to create massive waves is what will guide you to face the biggest
waves and enjoy big wave surfing to the fullest.

Waves are usually generated
by winds which are created by low pressure systems found mostly in coastal
areas. Another way waves can be formed is through an earthquake at the bottom
of the ocean but these rarely occur though when they do, they end up being very
destructive. They are commonly known to form Tsunamis.

So when the wind blows adjacently
to the top of the ocean, wave energies are created. These energies will then travel on the ocean
and start creating swells. This is even possible because there are no obstacles
like land in the open ocean. When the swells become more and more organized
depending on the strengths of the wind, then they end up forming waves. There
are types of swells that are created:

Ground Swells – They are
developed from stormy conditions and very strong winds in the open ocean. The
energy of the wave will depend on how strong the storm is and the stronger it
is, the more powerful the swell will get. The energy of the now created swell
can be as deep as 1000 feet and thus will be travel for thousands of miles
without losing energy.

Wind swells – This are
created by wind currents and are much closer to the shore. Therefore they will
not be deep enough and will not produce strong waves.

After the swells are
created, the waves will start travelling outwards form the central point of the
storm. These swells will continue until the ocean floor begins to shallow up.
This will force the swell to slow down and release the energy that was stored
in it. This energy will eventually form into a breaking wave. The wave will
then head for shallower waters because now the swell isn’t moving as fast on
shallow waters as it deep on deeper waters. The way in which the swell breaks
from underneath and bends horizontally is commonly referred to as Refraction.
The refraction of the wave will depend on the depth of the sea floor and the
characteristics of the landscape in which it is travelling in. There are two types
of wave refractions when you are in a surf spot.

Concave Refractions – This
one is formed when the swell travels over a raised ground contour at the floor
of the ocean and around the contour the waters are deeper. When the swell
breaks and forms a wave, the wave will have an upside down shape look of a bowl
with the center of the wave raised up. This is called the peak of the wave. The
way the wave is outlined in the horizon is what gives it the name “concave
wave”. These types of waves are powerful enough and excellent to be ridden from
the left or right of the center part of the wave.

Convex Refractions –This
type of wave is formed when the swell meets a headland that has deep waters at
the floor of the ocean and the incoming wave will seem to move away from the
center as it heads to the shore line. Therefore, the wave will be more spread
out and seem like it is efocusing’ itself. Thus it gets the name “convex
wave” because of the center looks like the shape of a bowl. The wave will not be
as strong as concave waves but it will last for a longer period.

In order for a swell to
form a wave, there needs to be a break in the ocean to transform all that
energy into a big wave. There are a number of breaks that help in creating a

1. Beach Breaks

These are waves that break
over a sand bottom. The sand at the bottom of the ocean will usually shift from
time to time thus the waves formed at these breaks will neither be of the same
quality or the same shape but will always be changing. The sand banks can stay
in the same position for months or can change in just a number of days or
weeks. Because of these inconsistencies, the waves could be very powerful at
times and also short and very gentle in others. Because of these
characteristics, such beaches are good for new surfers to learn how to surf.

2. Reef Breaks

These are waves that break
over a rock or reef bottom. Therefore the waves formed at these locations are
always consistent throughout the year and will only depend on the energy of the
swell. Because of this consistency, the waves from these breaks are some of the
biggest and most powerful waves formed. But the biggest threat to any surfer is
not the wave itself but the coral reefs found below. Coral reefs are usually found
near the shallow parts of the ocean and are very near the surface and can thuscause serious injury to any surfer who is not careful. A cut
from these reefs can make a wound become infected if not treaded carefully.
Thus it is not best for new beginners to venture out and try them. Indonesia
has some of the biggest waves that break over reefs. These places are Teahupoo,
Cloudbreak and Pipeline.

3. Point Break

These are waves that break
on a part of the land that shoots out. They hit the stretch of land at a
perpendicular angle that causes the wave to break around and along the section
of the land instead of going directly around it. The waves that form from these
breaks are usually longer than those formed from beach and reef breaks. Epic
waves are formed when the swell comes from just the right direction and wraps
around these points. Point breaks are the best places for which intermediaries
can surf and to perfect their maneuvers and better their skills in surfing
because of how long and predictable the wave is. They will also help the surfer
to better predict the pace of the wave and read the movement of the wave.

4. River mouth Waves

Similar to beach break,
they are formed by rivers which deposit sand into sand bars that are already
well defined and with which the waves will peel in a neat fashion. They are
really rare and thus very wonderful to ride them.

Now when swells meet these
breaks they will form different waves that are dependent on a number of
conditions like the size and direction of the swell, the currents, the tides
and how strong the winds are. Out of these conditions different kinds of waves
are formed when they meet these breaks.

1. Closeouts.

These are waves that break
all at once instead of continuously peeling. They will create a lot of white water
and thus they cannot be relied upon when it comes to surfing because they have
no clean face.

2. Crumbly

They are produced by a
floor that has a gradual contour and therefore they are not hollow, fast or
very steep because they break gently. And since they are not powerful they tend
to be a bit mushy and are ideal for beginner surfers to try out.

3. Reforms

These are waves that will
break out and then die down again because they hit deep waters and then reform
again. These types of waves are only found in areas that have varying depths.
Advanced surfers usually leave the wave before it goes to deeper ends leaving
inexperienced surfers to continue with the reform.

4. Tubing

When swells in deeper
waters hit shallow waters, the waves formed become hollow and look more like
barrels which are also known as plunging waves. These types of waves are what
experienced surfers love to ride and beginner surfers should be far away from
them because of how dangerous they can get.

5. Double ups

These are formed by different
waves that will meet up and their peak and low points align together. When they
combine they form an extra powerful and a much larger wave. Because they are two
waves joining together, the hollow created by this massive wave is much bigger
and therefore become much more dangerous when they break. Even every
experienced surfers have a tough time trying to ride and tame such waves.

Now for a wave to be
considered a big wave, it has to be atleast 20 feet high. Boards for which the
surfer is going to ride the wave will usually vary in size depending on how
high and big the wave is going to be and the technique for which the surfer is
going to use when riding the wave. Longer, larger boards allow for faster
paddling and are more stable but they also limit maneuverability and the speed
for which the surfer is going to go with. But to even get close to such types
of big waves, surfers have to be towed to the wave by a jet ski so that they
can quickly reach the wave before it dies out.

Now, riding big waves is
very fantastic and offers a thrill that can only be gained by riding such
monstrosities. But with great reward there is an even greater risk involved and
big wave surfing has some really big risks attached to it.

In a wave wipeout, where
the surfer falls into the water mid wave surfing, the waves can push the surfer
20 to 50 feet below water. And in while still being pushed down the surfer will
be spinning around because of the current created by the wave. Now the surfer
would have about 20 seconds to regain their balance and decipher how to go up
before another wave comes and hits them.

The pressure at those
depths is strong enough to rapture anyone’s eardrums.

The currents that are created
by such waves can crush someone into reefs,
rocks or the bottom of the sea and get them seriously injured which may result
to even death.

The surfer can also be held
under water for long periods of time because by multiple consecutive currents
of the wave and surviving such currents is extremely difficult.

These risks are known to
have killed experienced and professional surfers like Mark Foo in 1994. Donnie
Solomon died a year later, Todd Chesser died in February 14th 1997
and Malik Joyeux died in December 2nd 2005. There have been a number
of other notable deaths and other experienced surfers but never went

So what got them killed?
Some it was just by bad luck and some it was by sheer human error. These are
some of the mistakes that some surfers make that lead them at times to trouble

1 Panicking

One of the biggest reasons
most people drown is actually believing that they will drown. This will
ultimately lead them to panicking a lot and use a lot of excessive energy and
thus ultimately the body will give in and let go. Yes it difficult to be calm
and stay in control but that is exactly every surfer in that situation ought to
be. So one of the best ways for which one can be able to maintain control is to
visualize other things and situations at that will distract them what is happening
around them. This will help in reducing
the levels of anxiety. This is what makes the best survive in such a situation
because they understand how important it is to harness their mental state.

2. Wishing of being

Big waves can be very terrifying
at first sight and therefore it will feel like it is too much to handle and the
best a surfer can do is to watch for a while until they are more confident to
venture out into the waves. Therefore
the surfer will have to fully understand what they are going to put themselves
through because this is a giant leap forward and that is going to be a very
scary feeling. And that is something that every surfer will have to go through
when facing such kind of big waves. They just need to have the passion and the
drive for it in order to be able to face it. But the best part is that in that
moment is when someone feels most alive.

3. Pulling Vests

Vests can become a life
saver when in such situations because they will automatically lift up a surfer
after falling from a wave. Safety vests can easily be pulled using a string
while the surfer is falling and this will help them save the energy while
underwater and the current is passing by. There are times though when the
current is so strong that the pull pad is shot inside the wetsuit but atleast
even is such situations a surfer will be able to get out alive. An example of
the benefits of wearing a vest was when Aaron Gold fell from a 12 foot wave and
ended up passing under water. Had he worn the vest that would not have been the
case. Waves that range from 12 feet to 30 feet can easily take someone’s life.

4. Not enough grasp

When riding waves, the most
important aspect is how stable a surfer is while riding the wave. When a surfer
is riding the wave, everything becomes amplified and thus the surfer has a
higher chance of even feeling the instability of a board. So if the board does
not have enough grasp, the surfer can and will easily fall off because now the
board feels very slippery and unstable. Therefore the board and the conditions
need to be right and comfortable or the consequences of falling off a board
could end up being drastic.

5. Not committed

The problem with some
surfers is not reading or completely assuming a big wave. There is a point in
which when riding a wave a surfer knows it is time to pull out of riding the
wave. Because you can either catch a big wave or the wave catches you. so even
before a surfer can head out at sea to catch a wave, they have to have a plan A
and plan B. Plan A is to make completely ride the wave and plan B is to pull
out of riding the wave because the wave can reach a point of no return. So the
surfer has to be 100% fully committed to know when to pull which trigger.

6. Losing confidence

The best a surfer can do is
having trust in the ability to survive a big wave. Because confidence makes
everything crystal clear. But if the surfer is to lose confidence even for a
few minutes, mistakes are bound to be made and the end result could end up
being catastrophic. There are so many factors that have to be considered when
riding a wave that there ought to be no time to start being in self doubt.
Therefore the surfer need to be confident enough to that the wave will ride
through but being conscience enough to know the best time to pull out of a wave
before things get out of control.

7. Being over confident

Now when a surfer is able
to handle a number of waves, there is a feeling of knowing that they can handle
any wave. But this could end up being a big mistake because even the best
surfers out there know the importance of gauging the environment for which the
wave forms. So if a surfer is new to a place, the best they can do is to first
and foremost watch the other surfers and know who they are, where they sit, how
they approach the wave to get to know the feel of the place. And when they
begin to surf, they first have to test the waters before they can dive in. so
respect nature and it will respect you.

So you have seen the risks
involved with surfing and the common mistakes made by surfers but there are
some things that you would need to know about surfing.

1. Some of the biggest
waves have been gone to height of over 80 feet high. But these measurements are
not scientifically accurate as they cannot be truly measured though it still
doesn’t mean it’s impossible to measure them.

2. The falls can feel like
being hit by a truck because of the impact and effects of the fall. Small waves
actually are harder to come out of because they will hold you down longer. You
will get disoriented because of the intense impact and your body will feel like
it is under a lot of pressure. And it will be very confusing to know if you are
doing somersaults or are upside down.

3. If it is to face big
waves you need not have fear because fear can easily grip you but also the
thrill of the ride is really amazing.

4. Jet skis are at times
needed to get to a big wave. This is because big waves can travel at high
speeds and therefore a jet ski will get you to a wave much faster that using
your own hands.

5. Big wave boards that
need to be towed are usually heavier and shorter and measure about 5ft, 11in
wide and 2in thick. They will weigh about 12kg so that they can remain afloat
in the sea water. Paddle boards are 10ft long, 22in wide and 4in thick for more

6. If you are to fall into
the water, you need to learn how to hold you breathe because wipeouts can last
for about 10 – 40 seconds.

7. If you want to try the
big wave, the best you can do is to get a mentor. They will help and guide you
to be better at surfing.

8. The sole way to ride
such a big wave is to go to one. Thus you need to know areas that are prone to
offer big waves.

9. The sensation of riding
a big wave is the best you can ever get. Because unlike other adrenaline rushed
sports, surfing big waves is very calming because of how fluid it is when
riding the waves and everything feels like it is in slow motion as you ride it.

The best places for which
you can get to surf big waves are experience are;

Australia: Western
Australia, Tasmania and South Wales

United States: California
and the Pacific Islands

Europe: England, France,
Ireland and Portugal

Latin America: Chile,
Mexico and Peru

Caribbean: Puerto Rico

Africa: South Africa

The greatest waves ever

1. Garret McNamara who rode
a 78 foot tall wave in Nazare, Portugal, one of the biggest waves ever to have
surfed. He was acknowledged in the Guinness book of records.

2. Carlos Burle who rode an
estimated 100 foot wave but it is yet to be confirmed. He also rode an 80 foot
wave while trying to save his friend Maya Gabeira who wanted to ride the
biggest wave a woman has ever ridden. She ended up in hospital because she
nearly drowned. But it was a 68 foot tall wave that led him to be awarded a
Wave Award that comes with a $50,000 reward plus a new Nissan SUV.

3. Shawn Dollar who rode a
61 foot tall wave in Cortes Bank, California.

For this and more information
about surfing big waves, watch The Big Swell, a documentary about surfing on
Stream Shift TV.

Wayman Tisdale

Wayman Lawrence Tisdale was
one of the most talented people to ever walk the face of the earth. During the time
he was alive, he was able to achieve a lot. He was able to even shift careers
and which he excelled in whatever he did. He was a father, a friend, colleague
and a talented human. And in 2009, he was inducted into the National Collegiate
Basketball Hall of Fame.



Personal Life

Wayman was born on June 9th
1968 in Fort Worth Texas. He was the youngest child in a family that had 6 children.
His family then moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma where his father served as a Reverend
of the Friendship Baptist Church. Louis Tisdale, his father, served in the
church for 21 years as the senior pastor before he died in 1997. The L.L.
Tisdale, a former Osage Expressway in Tulsa was named in his name.

One day while Wayman was in
church, he saw the musicians backing up the choir with their instruments and he
became mesmerized by them. He was even quoted to say that the musicians were
the coolest cats to him and that he would constantly watch how they moved their
fingers as they stood in the back and did their thing. And it was from that day
that he fell in love with the bass guitar, his instrument of choice when he
later came to play Jazz music. His father, one day decided to buy 3 Mickey
Mouse Guitars for his 3 youngest children in the hopes that atleast one of them
would gain interest and learn about it. He did this in the hopes that atleast
one of them would end up playing in the church for the bassist role. The older
two never really cared for the guitar but turned them to baseball bats and
paddles. But Wayman who was already into the bass guitar fell more in love with
it and would constantly play with it. It is even from this guitar that Wayman
began practicing with and called it the greatest gift his father ever gave to
him later on in an interview.

As he grew up his love of
music deepened, but when he hit puberty, a lot of things started changing for
him. He suddenly began to sprout much quicker and towered over his brothers by
growing a stunning 24 inches and got to a height of 6 feet and 9 inches. With
such tremendous height he began to switch from music to basketball though at
first he was a bit reluctant but later came to accept it whole heartedly. He
made basketball his first priority but never really abandoned music completely.
With such an outstanding athletic ability, Wayman became the Booker T.
Washington High School star player. In 1982 as he was about to graduate from
high school and head to college, Wayman had received a lot of scholarship
offers from colleges that he had to simply pick any college of his choice.

He opted to go to a state
university instead because it was closer to home and would be playing for the
home team. While playing to the Oklahoma basketball team, the Sooners, he was
quickly acknowledged as one of the best power forwards in the United States. It
his from here that his illustrious career as a basketball player truly began.
One person who used to see Wayman played thought that high schoolers were easy
to walk over because they never had the build that Wayman had but once he
crossed over to College basketball he would never make it because he was too
soft for college. And proved wrong he was because as Wayman transitioned to college,
so did his mentality and he was able to handle the pressures that came with the
game he played.

And even if he still played
basketball, Wayman never forgot his first love of music and still continued
practicing until he joined the choir in his father’s church as a bassist all
through his youth, so committed was he in the church that Billy Tubbs, the head
coach of the Sooners, had to change the practice schedule for the team so that
Wayman would be able to attend the church service for him to play during
morning services. The practice sessions were moved to Sunday evenings.

In April the year 1981, he met
Regina, who would be his future wife. They both went to different high schools
and they were juniors at the time. At the time Regina did not know that Wayman
was being sought after by basketball recruiters. From that time they fell in love and got married
and had 4 children together. They have 3 girls and one boy with also one

Wayman had a net worth of
$8 million.


He joined the University of
Oklahoma for which he played for the varsity’s basketball team. It is from high
that his profile caught the attention of a lot of people and becoming the country’s
most powerful forward. He joined the university in 1982 and in the first 3
years of his play, he went onto be named the first team All – American honors
in all the first 3 years of playing for college basketball. During this period
he averaged 25.6 points and 10 rebounds per game. He was so good in that in one
game between the Sooners and the University of Texas San Antonia match, Wayman
scored 61 points during the game in 1983. By the time he was leaving college to
join the NBA, Wayman had already had 2661 points, 1048 rebounds, 1077 field
goals, .578 field goal percentage, 507 free throws, and 767 free throw
attempts. Because of how good he was and how well he had represented the
institution, the university decided to retire his number 23 jersey thus
becoming the first school athlete to receive such an honor in any sport in the year

In the year 1984, Wayman was
inducted into the then amateur US Olympic basketball team that was held in Los
Angeles and thy won the gold medal. The team was coached by Bobby Knight who
was also the coach of the basketball team from Indiana University. At this game
he had an average of 8.6 points and a rebound of 6.4 points thus leading
overall in the games. He had a love/ hate relationship with Bobby Knight
because Bobby always seemed to be against him and always and Wayman felt like
Bobby wanted him of the team. So Wayman persevered through all that and was
patient with all what Bobby put him through and in the end he made it and from
it became the best of what he was. Whether the coach was doing that
intentionally or not intentionally, Wayman was grateful because he was pushed
completely by the coach.

In the year 1985, Wayman was
selected as the second pick after Patrick Ewing to join the Indiana pacers
after during the NBA drafting. He decided not to continue with college and
joined the NBA. And it is here that his career officially began as a basketball
player and continued for the next 12 years.

Season 1895 – 1986

While playing for the
Indiana pacers, Wayman had an average of 14.7 points with 7.2 rebound points
with just having played an average of 28.1 minutes per game. The highest he had
gained during the season was 32 points against the warriors in January 13th
and 15 rebounds against the Pistons on January 20th. The team high
was .515 points.

Season 1986 – 1987

Because of being a player
off the bench, he became one of NBA’s top 6th men. The first 15
games he played, he had average minutes of just 26.7. In this season, his
career was entrenched with a new high of 35 points when they played the
Sacrament Kings in 22nd February which became the highest point in
total for a sub in just a 48 minute game. He then handed a career high of
assists totaling to 6 while playing the Atlanta hawks on 13th April.
When he became a starter, Wayman started recording an average of 16.9 points,
7.4 rebounds in 32.7 minutes. For the whole season his average was 14.5,
rebounds were 5.9 thus a leading offensive of 217 and .513 in field goal
percentage. He had the highest double digit scores in 64 games as compared to
his teammates. His rebounds were also in
the double digits and he led them to 14 occasions in which they scored and 13
occasions for which they rebounded.

Season 1987 – 1988

Wayman was the stronghold
for which the second half of the season saw the team start to perform. The team
saw an average lead of 18.4 points with a field shooting of .558 during the
course of the last 41 games. The rebounds were an average of 6.3 rounds and a
foul line up career shooter of .699. There was a percentage increase of his
free throwing to .783 during this period. The average minutes per game rose
from 26.7 to 30.1. Indiana had a score of 19 times and 21 times in rebounding
all being led by Wayman. In this season, Wayman’s average points was 16.1 with
6.2 rebounds. His season’s high score
was 32 points in April 11th against the Jersey Nets and a high
rebound score of 13 against the Nuggets in Denver.

Season 1988 –1989

The Sacramento Kings
decided to trade two of their players; LaSalle Thompson (Center) and Randy
Wittman (Guard) for Wayman and to draft pick the second for a second round of
drafts on 20th February. The Kings had made some eras before and
this seemed like a good judgment call on their part. But once Wayman joined,
his averages started to rise with a 19.8 point average with a rebound of 9.6 in
31 games. The only time he got scored in single digits was when he had to leave
a game at half time because he was coming down with the flu. He later got a
career high of 18 rebounds against the Trail blazers on 25th march
and had rebounds of 10 plus in 16 of the 25 final matches. In Indiana, the
field percentage goal was .512 and it just shy of .003 to get to the record
held by Billy Knight. The season ended with Wayman having an average of 17.5
points and rebounds of 7.7

Season 1989 – 1990

The way the season ended
with the Kings, Wayman’s career seemed to be heading in the right direction as
had previously been predicted. He was already leading the club when it came to
scoring, with 22.3 points per game, the highest in his career, and a .525 field
goal percentage. These statistics were ranked 18th in the NBA. When
playing against the Rockets in 22nd December, Wayman had season high
rebounds of 16 and doubles of 15. In the 79 games he played, he had an average
rebounding of 7.5 and twice he had reached 40 scoring point high career nights
when playing with the Golden state warriors on 8th December and
against Detroit Pistons in 6th March. When playing with the Pistons,
Wayman connected 19 of the 23 field goals with 15 consecutive goals. This was
the only time that the Sacramento’s had ever recorded 40 point games.

Season 1990 – 1991

33 games were all he had
ever played in this season because he had an injury in January when he ruptured
a tendon. He did not play until 9th March even after he had gotten a
cast on 11th January and after 18 days it was removed. On the 10th
and the 12th of March, he had gotten 11 of the 11 points only and
was forced to have a cast again. Wayman had already been ahead of the Kings
with a 21.2 point per game scoring and an 8.2 rebound per game. The games
played in November. He had 23 average points and a rebounding of 9.5. His
season high was at 36 points against the Orlando Magic but came down to a high
of 16 after playing against the Golden State warriors.

Season 1991 – 1992

Pre season he suffered a
pulled muscle in the right hip and thus was unable to make the comeback he
wanted. He sat out 5 games opening season because the injury hadn’t healed yet.
Therefore for November and December, Wayman had slow start with a 14.7 point
per game, 5.9 rebounds per game and field goal shooting of .471. But as the
season came to a close, Wayman decided to close with a bang. He had 17.9 point
per game average, 7.9 rebounds per game, and a field goal of .512. in 2 games
he score close to or more than 20 points, an had a 29 point season high against
the Nuggets in 13th January. Against
the Golden state warriors he had a high of 14 rebounds and closed with 16.6
points per game and 6.5 rebounds thus also ending a losing streak for which the
Kings had gained in the last 43 consecutive games. He did this by forcing a
jump ball with seconds to count making it a 95 – 93 victory for the Kings.

Season 1992 – 1993

With how well the past
seasons had fared for Wayman, he became the highest scorer for the Kings
finishing with 5, 489 points in the 291 games of the season giving the team an
average of 18.9 points. He became the led in minutes, field goals made and
field goals attempted and moved to second place in rebounds behind LaSalle
Thompson. By the end of the season, he was ranked 28th in the league
with a .509 percentage mark. In the last game, he had averaged 13.4 points, rebounds
of 5.1 and 25.7 minutes with a .475 field goal shooting. By end season, he had
16.6 points per game and 6.6 rebounds on average for the game.

Season 1993 – 1994

It was in 16th
November after the game with the Atlanta hawks that Wayman became the 40th
active player to get to 10,000 points in the NBA. He was now ranked second in
scoring 16.7 points per game and third in rebounding point average of 7.1. He
made a .501 shot from the floor and a .808 field goal in the free throw line. In
16th April, as they were playing the Dallas Mavericks, he scored 32
points becoming his season high and captured 17 rebounds in 22nd
March while playing the Trail Blazers. He finished the season as the all time
Sacramento King’s new leader in terms of scoring and rebounding. He even
performed in the NBA all star weekend but now as a performer with his band, the
Fifth Qaurtet during the whole 3 days.

Season 1994 – 1995

In all the years that
Wayman played, he had never been on a team that had won. And that is why he
joined up and signed a one year contract with the Phoenix suns for the period
of 1994 – 1995 as a free agent. But during his stint at the new team, he
recorded his lowest scoring average that still remains till today: 10 points
per game. But even with such low points, he played a huge part in helping the
team with winning a 59 – 23 in the Pacific Division. He became a reserve
forward and center for the team as they already had Charles Barkley, A.C. Green
and forward position was Danny Manning. Therefore Wayman’s average 19.6 and
thus on the team he was 8th. His field goal percentage was .484 and
was the lowest for him. January proved to turn the tide as he made a season
best of 24 points while on the 10 to 12 shootings from the field. For 3
consecutive games, the suns crushed the trail blazers but were eventually
kicked out in the semis by NBA champions, the Houston Rockets. By end season he
had made an average of 7.3 points, 3 out of 10 in the 10 outings. But the
highest was a 21 point score in a playoff game.

Season 1995 – 1996

With a second season being
signed up with the suns, he had an average of 10.7 points per game, rebound
average of3.4 and 18.3 minutes per game. He played 63 and missed 11 matches due
to his right shoulder being strained a lot. But even with such injuries he was
able to finish really strong with 15.1 points per game and a rebounding 4.1
with the final 8 games having a field goal of .520. He had a season high of 30
points when playing with Washington on 20th December. In the whole
season, he averaged 5.3 points per game and 16.8 minutes per game. By the end
of the season, he had scored his 12,000th point and was just 3
rebound away from achieving the title of the most active player and being
number 14 in that list who had 12,000 points and 5,000 rebounds.

He retired from basketball
in the year 1997 after playing it professionally for 12 years with a 15 point per
average game and a rebound per game at 6. Over all he had played 840 games, he
had 5,117 rebounds, 1,077 assists, 46 steals, 500 blocks and 12,878 points in

Music Career

As he was still playing
basketball, Wayman had never really let go of his love for music. And as he
continued his love would only seem to grow bigger. That is why in the year 1995, he
would still write and produce his own songs. And he did this with the bass guitar as well,
as he loved blending different aspects of musical forms to create a combination
that was very smooth. He likened his style to that of Stanley Clarke, also a
bassist. He loved playing Jazz, R

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