World of Warcraft

WOW or World of
Warcraft is one of the most played and highly interactive multiplayer games
which are being played online through role-playing. This addiction was released
in the year 2004 by the innovative mindset of Blizzard Entertainment. World of
Warcraft is the fourth game which had been released in the series of the Warcraft
fantasy universe. After a time period of four years when the Blizzard
Entertainment released Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, WOW was released. On a
very special day i.e. on the 10th anniversary of Warcraft franchise,
there was an announcement made regarding the release of the World of Warcraft.

In the game of
World of Warcraft, the players explore the landscapes; interact with various
other non-players, complete quests and fight with the numerous monsters. There
is a need to pay a subscription fee through the debit or the credit card which
helps in purchasing a token of WOW. There is also a trial account if the
individuals do not pay any subscription fees. With this trial account, players
can reach a maximum to level 20 with a number of locked features.

There are
various servers from which the player is needed to select one that comprises of
normal, PvP, RP and RP-PvP. The World of Warcraft is a game of science fiction,
steampunk and fantasy which is based on alien worlds, spaceships, time travel,
horror monsters, werewolves, zombies, dragons and the gryphons. World of
Warcraft is one of the most mesmerizing games which have developed a huge
addiction for its players. People spend long hours in playing as the game and
its interacting platform fetched the attention of millions of gamers. So, to
manage a control over the long hours of playing, there is also a parental
controlling system which sets out limits on the playing time for the children.
There can be set a fixed weekly or daily limit.

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There are almost
10 million people which have their eyes on the various programs, audios and
videos at Stream Shift TV. People have an addiction of spending long hours on
the TV channel. There has been reviewed a number of gamers, psychologists,
players, game designers, professional baseball players, critics, comedians and
many other people. There was conducted a research for almost 500 hours by the
Stream Shift TV by taking trips across the country. There has been an
increasing and extending online virtual world which has millions of players of
several MOM games. The World of Warcraft is the king of the virtual games as
when the people start the game, they tend to develop a character and name it
which plays at their place in the virtual world. In the survey, people have
admitted that they play WOW for long hours ranging from a period of 5 hours a
day to 12 hours non-stop. Even there are people who play the game for two days
straight and even do not sleep.

an important aspect of these online virtual games and high interaction in the
World of Warcraft was the forming of relations. In order to facilitate and
enable the interactions in the computerized digital world, there is a virtual
identity been created for assuming a particular online presence. In the World
of Warcraft, similarly, the players use several parameters for creating the
virtual avatars or identities through which they tend to present themselves in
front of other players and the gaming world. In addition to the virtual
identities, there are significant aspects such as the naming of a profile,
graphical and textual info pertaining to the players. The players share the
real-life information with other players on the gaming platform regarding their
real life which results in high level of integration among their virtual
presence beyond the characters they are playing. there is a complex process while
creating the character for oneself as there are immense choices available for
the people and thus people can develop an unimaginable identity for themselves
and can self-present themselves to the virtual world.

It is also very
much significant that to have an in-depth understanding of the virtual presence
as there is encountered interactions by the means of virtual spaces and thus
there develop social relations in the everyday lives. It has been highlighted
in the research that there develops unique relationships among the individuals
which help them in cultivating the sense of self and also support in connecting
with other users in a number of ways. With the help of these virtual identities
and connecting with other players, the individuals tend to reconstruct and
redefine themselves in the notion of identity offering the players with a completely
new form of existence. The people have realized they have undergone a complete
transformation when they have developed a social interaction while playing
World of Warcraft.

virtual world of World of Warcraft has a 3D stimulated environment which helps
the players in developing interactions both in the virtual and the real life.
There develops a number of social relationships where people also date someone
and has personal associations. It also offers a platform to collaborate,
interact and deal in leisure and business related activities other than the
personal relations. In the virtual world friendship developed in the World of
Warcraft is defined as a user who invites another player for becoming friends
by the feature of in-world friendship where another player accepts this
invitation. It develops the network of the individuals. There are people who
are suffering from squat social circle or no social life. In that case, it has
been so cherishing to develop a social circle in this virtual world created
through World of Warcraft.

The game
programs a number of quests which can be completed by groups by becoming friends
on the virtual portal of the game. This friendship allows them to easily
communicate and collaborate in real life. The virtual develops in a real
friendship through online communication in the chat rooms. It has also been
realized by many players that such virtual associations have developed their
well-being and decrease the feeling of isolation as they have shared their
emotions and experiences with their virtual partners. Some people have a
relationship of even 5 months or 7 months with their gaming partners in real
life. It seems to be fun, an innovative way and extremely adventuring and
exciting for the people to play the World of Warcraft. People experienced
negativity and difficulty in their lives and have started playing the game
where they realized they can be something and have a more improved life.

You never feel
alone as there are millions of players at a single point of time, this resulted
in a strong social atmosphere where people make friends, globalize, interact
with each other at global platform. World of Warcraft have eradicated the borders
and have given the players to interact on international platforms. In the
world, there are a number of people who are ex number of difficulties due to
their disabilities. Their physical disability disallows them to build a good
social life and perform well. But when those people played the World of
Warcraft have felt much better as this offered them a good company and a better
social atmosphere where they can interact with other players. In the survey, an
interview was done with a girl being socially disconnected due to her accident
and this resulted in discontinue of her studies. The brain injury and the
various side effects of the medications resulted in loss of memory and other disability.
Then she started playing World of Warcraft. The MMO game not helped her out
from depression but also gave her a new social circle where she can make
friends, develop associations and have friends. The people go out with their
characters and develop an entirely different personality for themselves A
number of players found the World of Warcraft as one of the most interesting
phenomenon which gives numerous advantages to them. The people who lack certain
communication skills fail to develop a relationship with the people. The virtual
world helps them out to develop strong relations without any need of strong
communication skills.

The World of
Warcraft has given the online games a huge business and higher revenues. There
was a nine year business plan of the game which possessed high risk. But today
almost 20 million people play World of Warcraft and have become a huge addition
for them to play on regular basis. From the overall market of the MOM games,
World of Warcraft alone holds a total of sixty percent of the market share. The
exact number of people playing or involved in the game is still cannot be
reported because of the huge and unpredictable Asian market. There is a huge
following of approximately twenty to thirty million individuals across the
world. Even there are restaurants, cafes and other places where there is a set
up for playing the game. There is around a business of 40 million dollar of the
game which is exceeding every year by seventeen percent.

The online and
virtual game of World of Warcraft has huge online process which will continue
for years and years. As there is a subscription fee need to be paid by the
players and with a regular monthly fee. The players decide the pay as per their
affordability and the requirements of the game with some or more features. The
best feature of World of Warcraft is that it maintains all the performance of
its players for a longer time frame. It enables the players to join back after
a long break without losing their achievements. There is no loss of money even
when the players come back after months. It is a revolutionary game which
attracts millions of gamers and gives the gaming industry with huge financial
investments and the developers with high revenues. There is approx. a 15 dollar
subscription fees. Thus there is gained millions of dollars from the players as
the subscription and monthly fees. This results in a huge business and
lucrative market growth of virtual online games.

There is no end
to such games as in the World of Warcraft, the players are needed to clear the
various quests and once they complete these quests, there are accomplishments
received by them. The game had attained a huge level of popularity in just a few
years and has engaged m millions of players with it. there are feedbacks taken
from the players and the developers bring several new characters from time to
time which enhances the interest of the players and developed their interest in
the game. It is 3D amuse game which not only fetches the attention of players as
a virtual game but also gives them an immense level of satisfaction while playing
the game. The felt wow once they start playing the game and overwhelmed with
the virtual characters by sitting on the driver seat and surrounded by a
feeling of a car. The technology has raised the bars and offers improved satisfaction
top its players. World of Warcraft had attained steep growth in past few years
as people enjoy playing it over any other thing. Once you start playing the
game, there are new gears. By completing eth quests, then stats gets improved.
It is one of the means for people to remain enthusiastic as they post the
pictures on daily basis on several social media platforms to gain recognition. It
offers the players a feeling of recognition as people and other players notice
you when you clear several levels of the game and get accomplishments.

In the research, there was also interviewed a
basketball player who has his own studio named 38 studios and have worked hard
for launching a MMO. It is being so interesting that people from different fields
are indulging themselves in it. The total timeline for the developers is three
to five years. By having an interaction with the game developers, it is known
that, it is just like a Hollywood movie where there is selection of characters,
a plot am a timeline to develop the complete game. The people cherish the game
as well as the friendship they have gained online. There is also a real life
effect which is there because of the virtual lives. And it is almost impossible
to break out this chain and quit playing. It is similar to a trap which once
indulges you then it is next to impossible to get it out from the same. There
are thousands of people who have its serious addiction and play it like addicts
affecting their real lives. The children who cannot play the video games play
the World of Warcraft as their favorite time consuming activity. The people
used to wear its costumes and play the game as an addiction. There is huge fan
following of the games from different parts of the world.

Among the
various other internet applications and the virtual games, World of Warcraft
have received highest popularity in terms of client base and revenues. The
World of Warcraft has managed itself in building up a substantial client base
as its players over the years with estimations placing the virtual accounts
across the world for approximately more than a billion. At the similar point of
time, there has been anticipated a 100 percent growth in the next few years. Such
continuously increasing revenues, investments and market share have robust
economic potential which is much interesting for the marketers. The game of
World of Warcraft has given new insights to the players’ identities and
characteristics. It also presents several opportunities to the game developers
with fertile grounds for experimenting innovative technologies and tools aiming
towards the increased sales and marketing efforts. There are a number of
various businesses which have gained huge recognition in the virtual world. Stream
Shift TV has developed videos restating the views of the players, gamers,
developers, psychologist and various other people indulged in the World of Warcraft.
It is the game which has transformed the real lives of the people into the
virtual lives. There are developed virtual consumers identity and also virtual
behaviour through the game which is really impossible to break down and come
back to the real lives.

When at many
places the anniversary of World of Warcraft is celebrated with immense celebrations
and happiness, there are places where it is a time for actual reflection. The
virtual online games are great as they are fun, exciting and adventurous which
are made for our enjoyment. But when in the research, it was seen that various
psychologists as well as the researchers still have diverse views in respect
to the addiction done by these virtual games. There is an ongoing debate with
no specific outcome that these video games are vigorous and healthy or threat
to the human lives. It is still a question across the world. The World of
Warcraft possesses high addictive potential and is we structure to fetch the
attention of the individuals. The players invest a huge amount of time in playing
due to the peer pressure of completing several levels as well as for improving
the stats through continuous completion of the quests. It has controlled the real
life of the clients and is impacting them in several ways.

There are
several examples of the people suffering from a number of difficulties as they
have become addicted to the game. There are a number of messed up stories of
real lives of the people where the World of Warcraft impacts children,
teenagers, adults, parents and all other individuals. The things in the real
life started getting weird as people use to live more in their virtual lives
and have separated a much from their responsibilities and the real world. in last
five years, there has been published a number of stories on several media
where it has been described how people are suffering an increased level of exhaustion
by playing the World of Warcraft for endless hours of 50 hours straight. There
are numerous cases which have been identified as the side effect or the
negative impact of the game and its addiction.

Seen from the
reflection perspectives of the game of World of Warcraft, it has said by the
people that it such their lives all the time which means that it had destroyed
the peace of their real lives, as the players tend to lose themselves in the
World of war raft and their own world is shaken up by running away from their real
lives. Seen from the perspectives of children, it has been realized that it has
a direct impact upon the studies of the children as they lose their focus from
the studies and develop their interest in playing the games. It is one of the major
issues identified by the parents whose children are playing the World of War on
daily basis. It has also been seen that the teenagers are the one which is
much impacted by such games and their virtual world. The teens have resulted in
performing crimes of killing their parents when they have been stopped from playing
the games. In the game of World of Warcraft, there are developed feelings of
people killing each other. This results in gaining the inheritance or features
of the characters playing by them in the game. The children and teenager do
harmful acts which is one of the worst reflections of the addiction of such

The next impact
caused in the real lives of the people is that the individuals lost their lot
of time in playing the game for long hours. There is high manipulation of time because
of the time exhausted by playing the game. The people have a number of
responsibilities in their real lives which they are required to fulfil to have
a successful and happy life. But due to getting involved in the virtual world
of World of Warcraft, they get disconnected from all these activities and
responsibilities. The patients develop a distance from their children as they
are not able to provide time to their infants and children due to getting busy
in playing the virtual games. This not only impacts the relationship but also
the growth of the infants. Another major impact of these games realized is that
people developed relationship issues and result into separation as either of
the partner is much involved in the game and has no much time left to give to
the relationship. By playing the virtual games and in the continuous
interactions performed in the World of Warcraft, the people develop social
relationships with other players and their gaming partners. This resulted in
issues in their personal lives as it indicates much involvement with the
virtual partners which many a time turns into the real life relationships.

Another major
negative result of reflection explained by the psychologist and the people suffering
from various addiction issues is that there is complete wastage of time as
people tend to lose their interest in the outer world. They are not aware of
the things happening in their surroundings as they are completely indulged in
the game only. Instead of being updated about the surrounding or current
affairs or the necessary things, they tend to exhaust their time in playing the
World of Warcraft. This time can be used in much better and productive work but
due to the high level of addiction caused by the game there is a loss of time as
well as energy. There are presently 10 million people who are currently
exhausting their precious time in playing the World of Warcraft and losing
their interest in other important tasks. It is also seen that there also
develops greed by paling the game as people once started clearing the quests
and reaching next level, they use to play it again for getting accomplishments
and reaching higher levels. It is just like a never ending competition where
millions of players compete with themselves and the developers kept on adding
levels in the game to attain continuous revenues.

The psychologists
believe that it is necessary for the people to come out from the virtual world
and act in real. The World of Warcraft has developed such a mesmerizing virtual
world which stops the people from getting out and loses their attention in the
game. There is a direct impact of the World of Warcraft on the lives of the
clients as there comes a phase when players started neglecting their real lives
and responsibilities because of getting much involved in their virtual
characters. And this is one of the major reasons behind the continuous
deteriorating lives of the millions of people. There are elements such as fiction
and other attention seeking things which stop the individuals from losing their
interest. There are people who are suffering from various syndromes, people who
have lost their relatives, loved ones and children because of this game. The
children destroying their career and the teenagers destroying their future. The
continuously increasing craze for the World of Warcraft is much seen as a
threat to the peace of lives of the people at some point of time.

Seen from the
overall perspectives, it has been seen that the World of Warcraft is a much interesting
and powerful game which has the power to fetch the attention of millions of
players and give them a platform to interact, communicate, play, experience,
enjoy and live a completely different life. It is not only the adverse impact
but only the addictions which have those reverse reflections. In the research,
it has been analyzed that people enjoy playing the game and have gained much
confidence by creating their identity in this virtual world of millions of
people. It is highly motivating for the people suffering from disabilities,
difficulties in real life, experiencing failures or are suffering from
depression. these games give the human mind a tendency to involve in various
other activities which gives them a feeling of relaxation and reduces their
level of stress, anxiety and tension. The characters in the game and the
accomplishments, the completion of various quests are the achievements which
give high pleasure to the players and they can sense winning. as well as
another most beneficial aspect of the World of Warcraft is its social
atmosphere as here people are interacting with global; regions. This gives a
chance to interact with people with different tastes and personalities. It
offers a social platform to develop virtual friendships and relations with
people. The people can come out from isolation and can create a big social
circle with anonymous friends. So, is true that the World of Warcraft can soon
make a history and win the hearts of billions of people in the coming few years.
While playing the game, it is just needed to understand the thin life
difference between the passion for the game and the addiction to the game. When
the individuals play the game with a passion then they can maintain a good
balance between their real lives and the virtual lives. And if this resulted in
addiction then they can completely ruin their real lives and inner peace. World
of Warcraft is leading the gaming market and has high popularity in both the
terms of the client base and extending global reach. The developers are working
hard to give its clients with more innovative and technologically updated
features so that they can experience more fun, adventure and amusement.

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