Wayman Tisdale

Wayman Lawrence Tisdale was
one of the most talented people to ever walk the face of the earth. During the time
he was alive, he was able to achieve a lot. He was able to even shift careers
and which he excelled in whatever he did. He was a father, a friend, colleague
and a talented human. And in 2009, he was inducted into the National Collegiate
Basketball Hall of Fame.



Personal Life

Wayman was born on June 9th
1968 in Fort Worth Texas. He was the youngest child in a family that had 6 children.
His family then moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma where his father served as a Reverend
of the Friendship Baptist Church. Louis Tisdale, his father, served in the
church for 21 years as the senior pastor before he died in 1997. The L.L.
Tisdale, a former Osage Expressway in Tulsa was named in his name.

One day while Wayman was in
church, he saw the musicians backing up the choir with their instruments and he
became mesmerized by them. He was even quoted to say that the musicians were
the coolest cats to him and that he would constantly watch how they moved their
fingers as they stood in the back and did their thing. And it was from that day
that he fell in love with the bass guitar, his instrument of choice when he
later came to play Jazz music. His father, one day decided to buy 3 Mickey
Mouse Guitars for his 3 youngest children in the hopes that atleast one of them
would gain interest and learn about it. He did this in the hopes that atleast
one of them would end up playing in the church for the bassist role. The older
two never really cared for the guitar but turned them to baseball bats and
paddles. But Wayman who was already into the bass guitar fell more in love with
it and would constantly play with it. It is even from this guitar that Wayman
began practicing with and called it the greatest gift his father ever gave to
him later on in an interview.

As he grew up his love of
music deepened, but when he hit puberty, a lot of things started changing for
him. He suddenly began to sprout much quicker and towered over his brothers by
growing a stunning 24 inches and got to a height of 6 feet and 9 inches. With
such tremendous height he began to switch from music to basketball though at
first he was a bit reluctant but later came to accept it whole heartedly. He
made basketball his first priority but never really abandoned music completely.
With such an outstanding athletic ability, Wayman became the Booker T.
Washington High School star player. In 1982 as he was about to graduate from
high school and head to college, Wayman had received a lot of scholarship
offers from colleges that he had to simply pick any college of his choice.

He opted to go to a state
university instead because it was closer to home and would be playing for the
home team. While playing to the Oklahoma basketball team, the Sooners, he was
quickly acknowledged as one of the best power forwards in the United States. It
his from here that his illustrious career as a basketball player truly began.
One person who used to see Wayman played thought that high schoolers were easy
to walk over because they never had the build that Wayman had but once he
crossed over to College basketball he would never make it because he was too
soft for college. And proved wrong he was because as Wayman transitioned to college,
so did his mentality and he was able to handle the pressures that came with the
game he played.

And even if he still played
basketball, Wayman never forgot his first love of music and still continued
practicing until he joined the choir in his father’s church as a bassist all
through his youth, so committed was he in the church that Billy Tubbs, the head
coach of the Sooners, had to change the practice schedule for the team so that
Wayman would be able to attend the church service for him to play during
morning services. The practice sessions were moved to Sunday evenings.

In April the year 1981, he met
Regina, who would be his future wife. They both went to different high schools
and they were juniors at the time. At the time Regina did not know that Wayman
was being sought after by basketball recruiters. From that time they fell in love and got married
and had 4 children together. They have 3 girls and one boy with also one

Wayman had a net worth of
$8 million.


He joined the University of
Oklahoma for which he played for the varsity’s basketball team. It is from high
that his profile caught the attention of a lot of people and becoming the country’s
most powerful forward. He joined the university in 1982 and in the first 3
years of his play, he went onto be named the first team All – American honors
in all the first 3 years of playing for college basketball. During this period
he averaged 25.6 points and 10 rebounds per game. He was so good in that in one
game between the Sooners and the University of Texas San Antonia match, Wayman
scored 61 points during the game in 1983. By the time he was leaving college to
join the NBA, Wayman had already had 2661 points, 1048 rebounds, 1077 field
goals, .578 field goal percentage, 507 free throws, and 767 free throw
attempts. Because of how good he was and how well he had represented the
institution, the university decided to retire his number 23 jersey thus
becoming the first school athlete to receive such an honor in any sport in the year

In the year 1984, Wayman was
inducted into the then amateur US Olympic basketball team that was held in Los
Angeles and thy won the gold medal. The team was coached by Bobby Knight who
was also the coach of the basketball team from Indiana University. At this game
he had an average of 8.6 points and a rebound of 6.4 points thus leading
overall in the games. He had a love/ hate relationship with Bobby Knight
because Bobby always seemed to be against him and always and Wayman felt like
Bobby wanted him of the team. So Wayman persevered through all that and was
patient with all what Bobby put him through and in the end he made it and from
it became the best of what he was. Whether the coach was doing that
intentionally or not intentionally, Wayman was grateful because he was pushed
completely by the coach.

In the year 1985, Wayman was
selected as the second pick after Patrick Ewing to join the Indiana pacers
after during the NBA drafting. He decided not to continue with college and
joined the NBA. And it is here that his career officially began as a basketball
player and continued for the next 12 years.

Season 1895 – 1986

While playing for the
Indiana pacers, Wayman had an average of 14.7 points with 7.2 rebound points
with just having played an average of 28.1 minutes per game. The highest he had
gained during the season was 32 points against the warriors in January 13th
and 15 rebounds against the Pistons on January 20th. The team high
was .515 points.

Season 1986 – 1987

Because of being a player
off the bench, he became one of NBA’s top 6th men. The first 15
games he played, he had average minutes of just 26.7. In this season, his
career was entrenched with a new high of 35 points when they played the
Sacrament Kings in 22nd February which became the highest point in
total for a sub in just a 48 minute game. He then handed a career high of
assists totaling to 6 while playing the Atlanta hawks on 13th April.
When he became a starter, Wayman started recording an average of 16.9 points,
7.4 rebounds in 32.7 minutes. For the whole season his average was 14.5,
rebounds were 5.9 thus a leading offensive of 217 and .513 in field goal
percentage. He had the highest double digit scores in 64 games as compared to
his teammates. His rebounds were also in
the double digits and he led them to 14 occasions in which they scored and 13
occasions for which they rebounded.

Season 1987 – 1988

Wayman was the stronghold
for which the second half of the season saw the team start to perform. The team
saw an average lead of 18.4 points with a field shooting of .558 during the
course of the last 41 games. The rebounds were an average of 6.3 rounds and a
foul line up career shooter of .699. There was a percentage increase of his
free throwing to .783 during this period. The average minutes per game rose
from 26.7 to 30.1. Indiana had a score of 19 times and 21 times in rebounding
all being led by Wayman. In this season, Wayman’s average points was 16.1 with
6.2 rebounds. His season’s high score
was 32 points in April 11th against the Jersey Nets and a high
rebound score of 13 against the Nuggets in Denver.

Season 1988 –1989

The Sacramento Kings
decided to trade two of their players; LaSalle Thompson (Center) and Randy
Wittman (Guard) for Wayman and to draft pick the second for a second round of
drafts on 20th February. The Kings had made some eras before and
this seemed like a good judgment call on their part. But once Wayman joined,
his averages started to rise with a 19.8 point average with a rebound of 9.6 in
31 games. The only time he got scored in single digits was when he had to leave
a game at half time because he was coming down with the flu. He later got a
career high of 18 rebounds against the Trail blazers on 25th march
and had rebounds of 10 plus in 16 of the 25 final matches. In Indiana, the
field percentage goal was .512 and it just shy of .003 to get to the record
held by Billy Knight. The season ended with Wayman having an average of 17.5
points and rebounds of 7.7

Season 1989 – 1990

The way the season ended
with the Kings, Wayman’s career seemed to be heading in the right direction as
had previously been predicted. He was already leading the club when it came to
scoring, with 22.3 points per game, the highest in his career, and a .525 field
goal percentage. These statistics were ranked 18th in the NBA. When
playing against the Rockets in 22nd December, Wayman had season high
rebounds of 16 and doubles of 15. In the 79 games he played, he had an average
rebounding of 7.5 and twice he had reached 40 scoring point high career nights
when playing with the Golden state warriors on 8th December and
against Detroit Pistons in 6th March. When playing with the Pistons,
Wayman connected 19 of the 23 field goals with 15 consecutive goals. This was
the only time that the Sacramento’s had ever recorded 40 point games.

Season 1990 – 1991

33 games were all he had
ever played in this season because he had an injury in January when he ruptured
a tendon. He did not play until 9th March even after he had gotten a
cast on 11th January and after 18 days it was removed. On the 10th
and the 12th of March, he had gotten 11 of the 11 points only and
was forced to have a cast again. Wayman had already been ahead of the Kings
with a 21.2 point per game scoring and an 8.2 rebound per game. The games
played in November. He had 23 average points and a rebounding of 9.5. His
season high was at 36 points against the Orlando Magic but came down to a high
of 16 after playing against the Golden State warriors.

Season 1991 – 1992

Pre season he suffered a
pulled muscle in the right hip and thus was unable to make the comeback he
wanted. He sat out 5 games opening season because the injury hadn’t healed yet.
Therefore for November and December, Wayman had slow start with a 14.7 point
per game, 5.9 rebounds per game and field goal shooting of .471. But as the
season came to a close, Wayman decided to close with a bang. He had 17.9 point
per game average, 7.9 rebounds per game, and a field goal of .512. in 2 games
he score close to or more than 20 points, an had a 29 point season high against
the Nuggets in 13th January. Against
the Golden state warriors he had a high of 14 rebounds and closed with 16.6
points per game and 6.5 rebounds thus also ending a losing streak for which the
Kings had gained in the last 43 consecutive games. He did this by forcing a
jump ball with seconds to count making it a 95 – 93 victory for the Kings.

Season 1992 – 1993

With how well the past
seasons had fared for Wayman, he became the highest scorer for the Kings
finishing with 5, 489 points in the 291 games of the season giving the team an
average of 18.9 points. He became the led in minutes, field goals made and
field goals attempted and moved to second place in rebounds behind LaSalle
Thompson. By the end of the season, he was ranked 28th in the league
with a .509 percentage mark. In the last game, he had averaged 13.4 points, rebounds
of 5.1 and 25.7 minutes with a .475 field goal shooting. By end season, he had
16.6 points per game and 6.6 rebounds on average for the game.

Season 1993 – 1994

It was in 16th
November after the game with the Atlanta hawks that Wayman became the 40th
active player to get to 10,000 points in the NBA. He was now ranked second in
scoring 16.7 points per game and third in rebounding point average of 7.1. He
made a .501 shot from the floor and a .808 field goal in the free throw line. In
16th April, as they were playing the Dallas Mavericks, he scored 32
points becoming his season high and captured 17 rebounds in 22nd
March while playing the Trail Blazers. He finished the season as the all time
Sacramento King’s new leader in terms of scoring and rebounding. He even
performed in the NBA all star weekend but now as a performer with his band, the
Fifth Qaurtet during the whole 3 days.

Season 1994 – 1995

In all the years that
Wayman played, he had never been on a team that had won. And that is why he
joined up and signed a one year contract with the Phoenix suns for the period
of 1994 – 1995 as a free agent. But during his stint at the new team, he
recorded his lowest scoring average that still remains till today: 10 points
per game. But even with such low points, he played a huge part in helping the
team with winning a 59 – 23 in the Pacific Division. He became a reserve
forward and center for the team as they already had Charles Barkley, A.C. Green
and forward position was Danny Manning. Therefore Wayman’s average 19.6 and
thus on the team he was 8th. His field goal percentage was .484 and
was the lowest for him. January proved to turn the tide as he made a season
best of 24 points while on the 10 to 12 shootings from the field. For 3
consecutive games, the suns crushed the trail blazers but were eventually
kicked out in the semis by NBA champions, the Houston Rockets. By end season he
had made an average of 7.3 points, 3 out of 10 in the 10 outings. But the
highest was a 21 point score in a playoff game.

Season 1995 – 1996

With a second season being
signed up with the suns, he had an average of 10.7 points per game, rebound
average of3.4 and 18.3 minutes per game. He played 63 and missed 11 matches due
to his right shoulder being strained a lot. But even with such injuries he was
able to finish really strong with 15.1 points per game and a rebounding 4.1
with the final 8 games having a field goal of .520. He had a season high of 30
points when playing with Washington on 20th December. In the whole
season, he averaged 5.3 points per game and 16.8 minutes per game. By the end
of the season, he had scored his 12,000th point and was just 3
rebound away from achieving the title of the most active player and being
number 14 in that list who had 12,000 points and 5,000 rebounds.

He retired from basketball
in the year 1997 after playing it professionally for 12 years with a 15 point per
average game and a rebound per game at 6. Over all he had played 840 games, he
had 5,117 rebounds, 1,077 assists, 46 steals, 500 blocks and 12,878 points in

Music Career

As he was still playing
basketball, Wayman had never really let go of his love for music. And as he
continued his love would only seem to grow bigger. That is why in the year 1995, he
would still write and produce his own songs. And he did this with the bass guitar as well,
as he loved blending different aspects of musical forms to create a combination
that was very smooth. He likened his style to that of Stanley Clarke, also a
bassist. He loved playing Jazz, R

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