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Paul Merrill is the Founder and CEO of StreamShift TV, a digital streaming service that allows its viewers to access multiple channels and programming via a digital platform akin to ROKU. Paul is a successful millennial entrepreneur and his accomplishments in the media industry are even more awe-inspiring being as though he is visually-impaired. Paul has found a way to successfully navigate the ever-changing landscape of the Media industry with limited sight—but with enormous Vision. His vision for his company includes an expanded talk show line-up, diverse programming, and partnering with other visionaries to help them to bring their own TV programming to a digital platform. Paul does not allow detractors or naysayers to stop him from achieving his goals, instead he formulates strategic plans and executes them—in spite of any obstacle that may arise. “Before I went to film school, people gave my parents grief for allowing me to go to Film school being as though I am visually-impaired, but I always tell people that ‘You only need one eye to look through the the viewfinder and to edit videos”, stated Paul. Paul has very supportive parents and as such, he was emboldened with the confidence to pursue a career in the Film & TV industry. When StreamShift TV was launched in 2015, Paul received his fair share of criticism from “internet trolls” however he didn’t allow the negativity to deter him. Paul hopes to be an inspiration to other young entrepreneurs who may also have disabilities. He wants young people to know that they can do absolutely anything that they put their minds to—despite any physical limitations that they may have. “Chase after your dreams relentlessly. Never give up and always believe that you are capable of greatness”, stated Paul. As Paul continues to defy odds in the Media industry, he is determined to become recognized as a thought-leader in the digital media industry through StreamShift TV. He is a very innovative and ambitious entrepreneur and he is blazing his on trail in digital television industry. Stream Shift TV launched in 2015 as a 24/7 channel as well as video on-demand. Stream Shift TV features shows and documentaries on sports, extreme sports & MMA. Paul uses cutting-edge technology to bring his audience…AND his advertisers an immersive experience with Stream Shift TV. To learn more, please visit: www.StreamShiftTV.com

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